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8:45am - 8:50am 5 mins
TU-Automotive Introduction
8:50am - 8:55am 5 mins
Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
  • Scott McCormick - President, Connected Vehicle Trade Association
8:55am - 9:25am 30 mins
The ADAS & Autonomous Landscape

The future of automotive will be defined by the autonomous vehicle. But how is the ADAS & autonomous landscape shaping up right now?

  • Identify new partnerships that are speeding up AV system development and changing the face of the automotive industry
  • Explore the routes to real world autonomous deployment, e.g first and last mile, & the short and long term business opportunities
  • Who’s the leader in the market? Examine the latest projections for AV deployment to understand who’s winning the race to autonomy
  • Sam Abuelsamid - Senior Research Analyst, Navigant Research
9:25am - 9:55am 30 mins
AI for AVs: Training Robocars to Think

From testing to real-time processing & decision making, AI has a massive role to play in autonomous driving.  Learn how to harness AI development.

  • Apply deep learning & AI to reduce the development time of ADAS systems, through e.g. simulation at the R&D stage 
  • Develop and standardize learning algorithms across the industry for AI and Machine Learning. Which parties will drive key initiatives to accomplish this?
  • Complete the AV “driving” experience! Explore developments in AI powered UX, incl. personal assistants, & the best applications in the auto context
  • Speaker Rini Sherony - Sr. Principal Engineer, Toyota Motor North America
9:55am - 10:25am 30 mins
Coffee Break
10:25am - 10:55am 30 mins
Taking the Legislative Temperature

Whether federal, state or city level, law-makers & local authorities have a make-or-break role in the testing & roll-out of ADAS & autonomous tech. Get up-to-speed on current & upcoming regulation.

  • Get an overview of regulation and understand how it impacts the deployment of autonomous vehicles
  • Get to grips with the AV START Act (ASA), the first major US legislation establishing policies for regulating self-driving cars, and how it will affect your business
  • Learn what ADAS features are becoming required by current/upcoming regulations (e.g. autonomous emergency-braking systems) and how they could help with AV feature development.
  • Speaker Aravind Kailas, Ph.D - Research and Innovation Manager, CTO Office, Volvo Group North America
  • Speaker Kirk Steudle - Director, Michigan DoT
  • Speaker Tom Toma - Senior Product Manager, Veoneer
  • Speaker Brad Williams - Vice President of Government Relations, Detroit Regional Chamber
10:55am - 11:25am 30 mins
Architecting the Autonomous Vehicle

The autonomous vehicle represents a paradigm shift in how vehicles will be designed in the future. From HMI’s to OS’s, nothing will ever be the same!

  • Consider how to create a failsafe AV operating system through the application of a suite of co-existing operating systems e.g. Linux, iOS synced through middleware software
  • Learn how you can apply complex algorithms to negate the shortcomings of AV hardware i.e. sensor limitations in poor weather
  • Turn your thoughts to HMI to develop a UX for consumers who no longer have to focus on driving, whilst maintaining alertness systems in the event of vehicle takeover
  • Speaker Bill Latino - VP of Business Development, Arbe Robotics
  • Moderator Richard Wallace - Vice President, Transportation Systems Analysis, Center for Automotive Research
11:25am - 11:55am 30 mins
A Missing Piece in the Highly Autonomous Vehicle Puzzle
  • A barrier to realizing the full potential of highly autonomous driving systems is anticipating adverse weather and  road surface conditions before they are encountered.
  • Safety-critical issues, such as AV disengagement, and navigation efficiency for routing, require highly accurate, actionable information
  • Addressing this barrier requires innovative methods for combining vehicle sensor observations with road surface modeling to build a scalable global solution.
  • Speaker Mark Flolid - CEO/Chairman and Founder, Global Weather Corporation
11:55am - 12:25pm 30 mins
A Risky Ride? Cybersecurity for AVs

Explore the risks of cyber-physical security and techniques for adversaries to disrupt e.g. machine learning/AI systems. Learn the latest methods & research for implementing security.

  • Explore cybersecurity threats to AVs such as data, hardware & software security, to protect your product, incl. info on the latest research into V2X signal resiliency
  • Analyze enabling technologies and business models for automotive cybersecurity such as over-the-air updates and threat detection
  • Assess if AI & machine learning can be deployed to protect AVs from cyberattacks. Learn how some ML systems are already able to respond by restricting access for certain users
  • Speaker Andre Weimerskirch - Vice President Cybersecurity&Functional Safety, Lear Corporation
  • Speaker Geoffrey Wood - Director, North America Business Development, Automotive Cybersecurity, Harman
  • Speaker Jennifer Tisdale - Director, Connected Mobility & Infrastructure, GRIMM
  • Speaker Kristie Pfosi - Automotive Cyber Security Senior Manager, Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America
  • Moderator Richard Wallace - Vice President, Transportation Systems Analysis, Center for Automotive Research
12:25pm - 2:00pm 95 mins
Lunch Break
2:00pm - 2:30pm 30 mins
Putting AV Tech to the Test

Public road testing, virtual testing, simulation, embedded software testing, safety and crash testing…. There are now a multitude of test bases for ADAS and self-driving vehicle platforms.

•   Explore the differences between validation of autonomous vehicles and validation of ADAS systems

• Discuss the challenge in testing the sheer number of possible scenarios that an autonomous vehicle could face. Learn advantages of possible solutions incl. applying AI to testing

• Consider how data collected from test cars and digital simulation can be applied in the design process. Debate the need for a technical data consortium to share anonymized test data

  • Speaker Lee Barnes - Director, Connected & Autonomous Vehicle, Ricardo
  • Speaker Philip Koopman - Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Speaker Douglas Farrell - Principal Solution Manager – ADAS Test, National Instruments
  • Speaker Joshua Every - Director of Applied Research, Transportation Research Center Inc.
  • Moderator Matt Bell - Autonomous Car Analyst, SBD Automotive North America
2:30pm - 3:00pm 30 mins
High Fidelity Physics Simulation of Autonomous Vehicles

Discover how engineering simulation is expanding across the entire product lifecycle, from digital exploration to digital prototyping to operations and maintenance using digital twins.

  • Speaker Sandeep Sovani - Global Director of Automotive & Ground Transportation, ANSYS
3:00pm - 3:30pm 30 mins
The Role of Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Simulation in Testing

The automotive industry is heading towards the path of autonomy with the development of autonomous vehicles. This presentation will focus on the requirement of redundant mechanical systems and controls as part of the autonomous vehicle platform since there will be no driver backup present in highly automated vehicles.

  • Understand the role of simulation in accelerating development and testing of autonomous vehicles as in-vehicle testing for autonomous vehicles will be considered expensive, time-consuming, and unsafe due to the number of scenarios and driven kilometers required for validation
  • Get to grips with hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation of the autonomous vehicle platform and the correlation of the performance of the corresponding subsystems with those of the actual autonomous vehicle
  • The testing setup for HIL simulation which includes powertrain controllers and actuators, redundant brakes and steering controllers, alongside full brake hydraulics hardware will be discussed in detail.
  • Speaker Adit Joshi - Research Engineer, Automated Driving, HIL Simulation, Ford Motor Company
3:30pm - 4:00pm 30 mins
Perception 2.0

The basic architecture of perception platforms for autonomous vehicles hasn't changed much since the DARPA Grand Challenge. With the emergence of new technologies and the introduction of functional artificial intelligence, there are new opportunities to rethink, redefine, and redesign perception platforms

  • What will be the essential components of Perception 2.0?
  • How will these components integrate or interact?
  • What performance enhancements and capabilities should we expect from Perception 2.0 platforms?
  • Speaker Jim Robnett - Vice President of Automotive Business Development, AEye
  • Speaker Niall Berkery - VP, AIMotive
  • Speaker Brian Radloff - VP, Ushr
  • Moderator Sam Abuelsamid - Senior Research Analyst, Navigant Research
4:00pm - 4:30pm 30 mins
Coffee Break
4:30pm - 5:00pm 30 mins
Invest in Success! The VC View of AV Innovation

The increasing appetite to invest in “sexy” auto tech start-ups raises questions about how to really value these disruptive technologies. Will they live up to the hype?

  • Understand where investors are looking over the next 6-12 months to make a profit in the next 5-10 years
  • Assess the role start-ups should play in your ADAS/AV strategy e.g. filling a gap or bringing new resources to the table
  • Identify the hurdles to working with start-ups - from how to invest to operating models to points of integration - to put together an informed strategy
  • Speaker Sean Simpson - Investment Manager, GM Ventures
  • Speaker Sherwin Prior - Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Blue Victor Capital
  • Moderator Valerie Sathe Brugeman - Senior Project Manager, Center for Automotive Research
5:00pm - 5:30pm 30 mins
Start-Up Presentations

Hear from a batch of the latest start-ups focusing on ADAS & AV development. This is your chance to hear from the newest teams in the race to autonomy

  • Speaker Dr. Faroog Ibrahim - CTO, CalmCar
  • Speaker Derrick Redding - Chief Operating Officer, SEEVA Technologies
  • Speaker Nagendra Nagaraja - CEO, AlphaICs Corporation
5:30pm - 7:00pm 90 mins
Networking Drinks