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Addressing the Complete Spectrum of Self Driving Technology

Join us for the most focused forum on the here and now of self-driving technology. This is the only event to provide in-depth analysis of all aspects of ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles development.

ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles has joined forces with TU-Automotive Detroit, TU-Automotive Awards, WardsAuto Interiors Conference and WardsAuto UX Conference for one year only in a Festival of Automotive.

Festival of Automotive - Celebrating Auto Tech Innovation

ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles has joined forces with TU-Automotive Detroit, TU-Automotive Awards, WardsAuto Interiors Conference and WardsAuto UX Conference for one year only in a Festival of Automotive.

TU-Automotive Detroit


Just like an engine converts one form of energy into mechanical energy, TU-Automotive Detroit gathers the energy of the automotive tech industry to create innovation and push transformation.

TU-Automotive Detroit continues to be an annual B2B conference and exhibition that gathers the leaders in automotive technology.

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WardsAuto Interiors Conference

Meet, interact and collaborate with supply professionals who are actively seeking solutions to their supply business challenges. 

North America’s most unparalleled conference dedicated to automotive interiors. High-level attendees are drawn by keynote addresses and session discussions featuring top talent from OEMs and key suppliers. Plus, design team leaders are called to the stage to accept Wards 10 Best Interiors Awards, which honor the best designs for the new year.

What's happening at this event in August?
WardsAuto UX Conference

Join us as we engage automaker designers with technology suppliers for conversation and solutions focusing on the consumer’s user experience in a vehicle. 

Modeled after the popular Wards 10 Best Engines and Wards 10 Best Interiors programs, the UX Conference spotlights new model vehicles that go above and beyond in creating a perfect user experience for drivers and passengers. 

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Collaboration – Get Beyond the Buzz

Map out the shifting ecosystem and discover where OEMs, Tier 1s and vendors are working together to share ideas, facilitate innovation and safeguard ROI. Understand how to collaborate with direct competitors without compromising your competitive edge.

UX Evolution

Discover the money-spinning potential of UX within the autonomous vehicle & understand the imminent threat posed by an outdated auto design cycle. Identify how to effectively monetize the transition of ADAS systems toward mobile phone operating systems.

Consumer Trust Resolved

Identify the value proposition actually getting results in building the consumer trust sorely missing in ADAS/Autonomous systems. Discover how to successfully leverage collaboration in convincing the public of a fundamental truth - human drivers make the most mistakes.

Sensor capability, innovation and solutions

Lidar, radar or video camera? Hear from leading OEMs what they favour to align your strategy. Resolve once and for all when sensor prices will actually drop low enough for mainstream production to become a reality.

New Tech, New Trends

Discover, understand and leverage the very latest disruptors in the autonomous space. Identify where A.I, machine learning and 5G can add value here and now. Discover prominent use cases to secure the intelligence critical to early adoption.

Regulation Ready

Comprehensively unpick NHTSA 3.0 and identify how each component of the value chain can safeguard from proposed and impending legislation. Resolve the key debates remaining when the diver is removed - who is liable for the actions of the car? Will the private owner, fleet operator or mobility platform take on the liability?


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