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Jun 06
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9:00am - 9:20am 20 mins
The Battle for Miles and Minutes

Soon the auto industry will no longer be defined by number of units sold, but how many miles are driven and how long is spent in the vehicle. So how will this new battle play out?

  • Get to grips with how to increase consumer usage of in vehicle connected services with radical strategies such as subsidizing connectivity and even compensating drivers for the miles driven! 
  • Extrapolate how to gain real value from miles and minutes driven through the integration of monetizable digital services from a variety of providers
  • Consider how to increase the adoption and usage of EVs via car sharing/ride hailing and subscription-based vehicle access to prove their economic viability to the world
  • Speaker Roger Lanctot - Director Automotive Connected Mobility, Strategy Analytics
9:20am - 9:40am 20 mins
Toyota Presentation

More information coming soon

  • Speaker Zack Hicks - Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer/ Chief Executive Officer and President, Toyota Motor North America/ Toyota Connected, Inc.
9:40am - 10:00am 20 mins
5G in the Driver Seat

More information coming soon.

  • Speaker Vishnu Sundaram - Vice President, HARMAN International
10:00am - 10:30am 30 mins
The Message is Everything! Proactively Communicating in an Uncertain Autonomous World

Are you ready? If consumer understanding of autonomy is dictated by attention-grabbing headlines, how should responsible industry participants combat sensationalist rhetoric and fake news? Learn from SBD Automotive and winning media/communications experts to proactively and clearly communicate autonomy – and prepare in advance for worst case scenarios:

  • “Autonomous”, “self-driving”, “driverless”… learn how words matter to public perception
  • Play out different scenarios in the run-up to fully autonomous vehicles: from lack of understanding and trust to hacks to unintended malfunctions
  • Hear case studies of how leading automakers are positively moving the industry forward, and getting ahead of potentially bad news
  • Speaker Alan Hall - Senior Communications Manager, Autonomous Vehicles and Electrification, Ford Motor Company
  • Speaker Michelle Krebs - Senior Analyst, Autotrader
  • Speaker Pete Bigelow - Transportation Technology & Mobility Editor, Car & Driver
  • Moderator Jeffrey Hannah - Director – North America, SBD Automotive
10:30am - 11:10am 40 mins
Morning Coffee & Networking Break
11:10am - 11:40am 30 mins
Automotive Cybersecurity: Understanding A Crowded Market

Finding the best cybersecurity partners and solutions can be daunting! Get an overview of the market and the best providers and techniques for your needs.

  • Automotive cybersecurity 101: Identify the common attack surfaces for your products and identify the key risks you need to address
  • With so many companies out there offering a “complete solution”, understand who is doing what so you can approach the right partners
  • Learn the latest trends and technology, such as in-vehicle monitoring & silicon security, so that you can prepare for next gen roll-out
  • Speaker Paul Sanderson - Cyber Security Senior Technical Specialist, SBD Automotive
11:40am - 12:10pm 30 mins
Keeping the Autonomous Car Safe & Secure

The autonomous car’s prime purpose is to increase safety. But how can we ensure the vehicle itself is safe from cyber threats?

  • Identify what new attack vectors and threats, e.g. altering vehicle intent, can be targeted by hackers on AVs so that you can secure vulnerable systems
  • Consider the requirements of cybersecurity in a variety of system layouts e.g. integrated network and centralized processor, to establish what layout offers the most secure architecture
  • With more autonomy comes more connectivity! Consider how to scale up your cyber security through additional defensive layers to keep the connected AV secure
  • Speaker Joseph Buck - Director, Product Cybersecurity, General Motors
  • Speaker Dariusz Mikulski - Senior Research Scientist, U.S. Army TARDEC
  • Speaker Todd Benoff - Partner, Alston & Bird
  • Speaker Geoff Wood - Director, Cyber Security, HARMAN
  • Moderator Greg Basich - Greg Basich – Associate Director, AIT, ACM, Strategy Analytics
12:10pm - 12:40pm 30 mins
Hardening Software: The Key to Automotive Cybersecurity

As automakers continue to incorporate new technologies into cars for the ultimate driving experience, new cybersecurity challenges must be addressed.

  • Hear how modern vehicles are driven by increasingly complex software, often developed by a multi-tiered supply chain without established standards between them.  
  • Build an effective software security strategy to achieve confidence in your software supply chain and to ensure that the software in a car remains secure over its lifetime
  • Learn how to minimize vulnerabilities by using a static binary code analysis tool to assess and manage the quality and security posture of your software.
  • Speaker Kaivan Karimi - Senior Vice President, BTS Sales & Marketing, Blackberry
12:40pm - 2:10pm 90 mins
Lunch Break
2:10pm - 2:40pm 30 mins
Auto-ISAC: Sharing is Caring!

With cybersecurity, openness can actually be more secure than keeping issues secret. Learn why it’s essential to share security & safety information.

  • Learn what good information sharing looks like v bad information sharing
  • Understand the ways that the industry builds on learning from sharing, and how this has evolved since the Auto-ISAC has founded. What can we learn from other industry ISACs?
  • Map out the industry stakeholders who should be involved in the Auto-ISAC, with automakers, tier 1’s and suppliers involved, how far should it reach into the ecosystem?
  • Speaker Faye Francy - Executive Director, Auto-ISAC
  • Speaker Todd Lawless - Automotive Cyber Security Specialist, Continental
  • Speaker Matt Mackay - Risk Manager, Product Cybersecurity, General Motors
  • Speaker Geoff Wood - Director, Cyber Security, HARMAN
2:40pm - 3:10pm 30 mins
Securing the Supply Chain Ecosystem

There are numerous third parties involved in the delivery of connected cars, all having the potential to impact cybersecurity of the end product. This makes security throughout the supply chain ecosystem a challenge for all. 

  • Discuss how cybersecurity is changing the supplier-OEM relationship
  • Explore how to integrate with existing processes like systems development lifecycle (SDLC), quality assurance (QA), and supplier quality management (SQM)
  • Review how to effectively identify, prioritize and mitigate vulnerabilities across the automotive supply chain
  • Discuss how incident response works within a complex, global supplier network
  • Share how third party industry organizations help with the supply chain security challenge
  • Speaker Billy Kihei - Cyber Safety Advocate, I Am the Cavalry
  • Speaker Todd Lawless - Automotive Cyber Security Specialist, Continental
  • Speaker Andre Weimerskirch - Vice President Cybersecurity & Functional Safety, Lear Corporation
  • Speaker Sriram Yarlagadda - Cybersecurity Architect, Aptiv
  • Moderator Denis Cosgrove - Principal Commercial Solutions, Booz Allen Hamilton
3:10pm - 3:40pm 30 mins
Collaborating on Standards & Best Practices

The industry is learning that no one company can solve cybersecurity; with such an intertwined supply chain & global implications if something goes wrong, collaborate to deliver safe & secure vehicles.

  • From the Auto-ISAC to the SAE/ISO working group to government legislation, get to grips with who is working on what so you can anticipate new measures & requirements
  • Identify where the industry can build best practices and processes, such as vulnerability disclosure programs, data sharing, & risk management, to create a unified approach
  • Take cue from other industries that have already addressed/are addressing these issues, such as aerospace, automated manufacturing, & shipping, to accelerate industry progress
  • Speaker Aaron Guzman - Cyber Safety Advocate, I Am the Cavalry
  • Speaker Liron Kaneti - Product Director, Argus Cyber Security
  • Speaker Ted Guild - Research Staff, MIT
  • Moderator Niranjan Manohar - Program Manager - Connectivity and Automotive IT, Frost & Sullivan
3:40pm - 4:20pm 40 mins
Afternoon Coffee & Networking Break
4:20pm - 4:50pm 30 mins
The Key to Safely Drive Current and Future OEM Business Models

How the automotive industry views cybersecurity needs a rethink. Instead of seeing a financial burden, it’s important to understand how cybersecurity enables new services and business models enabled by the connectivity in connected and autonomous cars. This session will explore:

  • How implementing secure mobility-as-a-service and transportation-as-a-service business models will become essential to maintain a competitive edge as cars become more autonomous
  • The importance of protecting business data and securely enforcing policies, to allow business owners to deliver customizable experiences to their customers
  • How to safely implement and monetize these new business models by securely managing and controlling the services offered in the vehicle
  • Speaker Stacy Janes - Chief Security Architect, Irdeto
4:50pm - 5:20pm 30 mins
Building Automotive Security from the Inside Out

Many cybersecurity techniques focus on securing the perimeter of critical computer systems, and recovering in the event of failure. In this talk we’ll take a new perspective on building safe and secure systems.

  • Take a holistic view of cybersecurity for automotive systems from the bottom up.
  • Put a new spin on "defense in depth” for consolidated systems.
  • Establish safety and security as the top priorities driving the design of critical systems
  • Speaker Joe Fabbre - Director of Platform Solutions, GreenHills Software
5:20pm - 5:50pm 30 mins
Build Your Auto Security A Team

Automotive cybersecurity presents a security paradigm that is very different from IT security, and we desperately need experts! Harness cross-discipline skill-sets to develop an effective cyber task force!

  • Combine engineering, IT, cybersecurity & academic expertise to meet the auto security challenge head-on. Do not let an over reliance on proprietary knowledge hinder the identification of vulnerabilities .
  • Understand the unique issues of cyber-physical systems versus traditional IT and cybersecurity; including real-time detection & response, the merging of hardware & software, & updatability problems.
  • Use new tools such as a move from “use case” to “abuse case”; adapt the functionality-oriented engineering design process to include cybersecurity threat analysis.
  • Speaker Barbara Ciaramitaro - PhD, CISSP, CSSLP, PMP, Chair, Undergraduate Information Technology, School of Business and Technology, Capella University
5:50pm - 7:20pm 90 mins
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