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Day 2 - September 6, 2018
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10:15am - 10:50am


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12:40pm - 2:15pm


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3:50pm - 4:10pm


9:00am - 9:25am 25 mins
Keynote Sessions
The True Cost Distracted Driving Behavior – Leveraging Telematics Data for Pin-Point Pricing
  • Katie DeGraaf - Director of Product - Insurance Solutions, Arity
  • Kyle Schmitt - Senior Data Scientist, Arity

This session will share the latest findings on the impact phone use has on distracted driving, risk and how nudging self-awareness can be utilized to improve engagement and safety – and the bottom line.

  • Move past traditional rating variables such as credit and general demographic data. Understand why now is the time to engage customers by measuring driving behavior data
  • Paint a picture of what the true risk of a driver on the road presents. Use connected technologies to provide more accurate insurance pricing
  • How do you approach improving the driving experience, making it safe, more fun, and rewarding for your drivers?
9:25am - 9:50am 25 mins
Keynote Sessions
Defining a Mobile Insurance Strategy
  • Kassie Bryan - SVP - Head of Solutions P&C Americas, Swiss Re
  • Interviewer: Thomas Hallauer - Research and Marketing Director, Ptolemus Consulting

Relationships between corporations and customers continue to develop via the mobile phone but some might say insurance carriers are still catching up. Here we look at the connected driver and the insurer's new link to the customer. 

  • Updates Available! The link between corporate and feature-specific apps
  • Solve the key operational issues of UBI applications and build a new level of customer understanding  
  • A step-by-step lesson and the five ways to engage and retain users of mobile applications
  • Get a guide on how to carefully offer services based on contextualized driver behavior
9:50am - 10:15am 25 mins
Keynote Sessions
The Connected Car Is Here. It Just Isn’t a Car
  • Ted Gramer - CEO, TrueMotion

The connected car could provide driving and vehicle data that can fuel insurance programs such as UBI, connected claims, and more. Yet, auto insurers won’t see this data in any meaningful volume for a long time because of the diversity of OEM standards, length of fleet turnover, and OEM control of data. However, insurers can get high quality driving data today without waiting for the connected car!

In this session you’ll discover:

  • The power of connected car driving data and how you can use it today
  • How top insurers are using smartphone data to power their digital programs
  • The next-generation digital programs you can run today with smartphone data
  • The hidden costs of not measuring distracted driving
  • New strategies for engaging and retaining customers


10:15am - 10:50am 35 mins
10:50am - 11:15am 25 mins
Keynote Sessions
Telematics in Context
  • Hari Balakrishnan - Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Cambridge Mobile Telematics

Much of telematics and scoring is focused on events (i.e. hard braking, speeding, phone distraction). Yet, most in our industry have paid little attention to the context in which each event occurs. 

Not all hard braking events are equal - what if a deer runs in front of your vehicle and you don't stop to preserve your driving score?! Similarly, not all excess speeding is the same, and phone distraction has many different modes.

But obtaining context is hard. This talk will discuss how to extract contextual information and couple it with smartphone-only and smartphone+device telematics solutions to:

  • Accurately measure the risk associated with dangerous driving behaviors for improved scoring
  • Understand and reconstruct crashes for accurate claims assessment
  • Improve engagement by providing better insights to users
11:15am - 11:50am 35 mins
Keynote Sessions
Data, Evolution and Mobility. The New Ecosystem of Auto Insurance
  • Adam Fischer - VP of Product, Clearcover
  • Sylvano Carrasco - VP of Connected Car, Getaround
  • Dan Manges - CTO, Root Insurance
  • Cletus Nunes - Director of Sales, Octo Telematics North America
  • Moderator: JD Hassan - Associate Partner, Ptolemus Consulting Group

The insurance world is changing rapidly - from the players in the space, to the coverage offered, to the relationship between customer and insurer. Here we take a look at this journey into the future of auto mobility.

  • Understand how the insurance market must evolve with society by recognising changing consumer behaviour and utilising technology to provide an exceptional service
  • Get to grips with how the experiences of the telematics industry holds the keys to realising future developments in auto mobility
  • Discuss how data can be used to provide customers with services that match their individual needs, and to how it can motivate customers towards changing their behaviour for the benefit of all
11:50am - 12:15pm 25 mins
Keynote Sessions
2028: A Telematics Odyssey
  • Jason Verlen - Senior Vice President, Product Management, CCC

Understand the transformation that telematics will have on the world and on our industry by peering 10 years into the future. UBI is just the beginning of a journey that will radically reshape vehicle transportation and create new opportunities (and perils) for the industry.

12:15pm - 12:40pm 25 mins
Keynote Sessions
Building the Business Around the Customer
  • Roosevelt Mosley - Principal and Consulting Actuary, Pinnacle Actuarial Resources

Hear first-hand through primary research conducted to consumers what products and services are of value in a digitally enabled era of mobility. Where can the insurer offer added value or services?

  • Assess how behavioural science can improve understanding of consumer behaviour, shape services and deliver an exceptional customer experience
  • Smartphone for smart mobility. How can insurers disrupt and change customer behaviour through the central device that MaaS and UBI providers are using to manage mobility?
  • How do you leverage digital social channels and steer this data to inform product offerings, increase customer engagement and influence purchasing decisions?
12:40pm - 2:15pm 95 mins
2:15pm - 2:50pm 35 mins
The Digital Experience
The Big Data Behind Digital Transformation in Auto Insurance
  • Martin Ellingsworth - Insight Delivery, USAA
  • Dawn Mortimer - AVP - IoT/Telematics Product Management - Claims, Verisk
  • Scott Watkins - Founder / President & CEO, Mobile Video Computing Solutions
  • Karen Imbrogno - Principal Insurance Industry Analyst, Acxiom
  • Moderator: Kevin Cheng - Connected Car Specialist, SBD Automotive

A huge driver for digital transformation lies in the potential value of big data. Here we look at creating an approach to marry the two and the potential uncovered by doing so.

  • Address the business drivers for a new approach to accessing and analysing data of all types, age and volume to create a big data analytics strategy for sustained growth and differentiation
  • Expand the functionality of a big data platform from central data hubs to new IoT data sources to benefit operational areas from risk & underwriting, pricing, claims fraud and customer insight
  • Combine telematics, HD cameras, a cloud-based IoT hub, big data analytics and machine learning to offer real-time vehicle tracking, predict driving patterns and increase safety
2:15pm - 2:50pm 35 mins
What's New: Tech, Models & Processes
On the Scene with Connected Claims & FNOL
  • Panellist Aaron Kim - Sales Director, SmartWitness
  • Panellist David Bliss - Vice President - Product Management, CCC
  • Panellist Clint Marlow - Director of Claims, Allstate Insurance
  • Panellist Don Mikrut - Vice President of Collision Repair Services, Audatex | Solera
  • Moderator Bryan Shumway - Functional Consultant, Solstice

The volume of business involving policyholders switching insurance carriers is estimated to be around $5.8 billion annually in the US alone. Here we assess FNOL and claims automation for efficiency gains and customer loyalty.

  • The next step in telematics evolution is claims processing and management - execute immediate, reliable, and automated crash detection, event data reporting and analysis and increase efficiencies in claims cycle times, automated FNOL, fraud reduction, predictive estimates for collision repair and more
  • Alleviate operational costs of onsite claims adjusters with an automatic crash report and associated event data, or automated FNOL. Assess requirements of a crash-grade telematics system that incorporates a robust discrimination algorithm installed on the vehicle at all times
  • Factor in a direct purchase of OEM held crash pulse data into a cost benefit analysis to run a connected car claims department. Does the data hold value post incident?
2:50pm - 3:25pm 35 mins
The Digital Experience
Investing in Digital Auto Insurance
  • Haley Smith - Director, State Auto Labs
  • Alex Horvitz - CEO, HCS Capital
  • Paul Asel - Managing Partner, NGP Capital
  • Moderator: Scott McCormick - President, Connected Vehicle Trade Association

Hear from investment experts as they discuss the landscape of new and innovative businesses in the digital and connected auto insurance industry.

  • Identify the areas from underwriting, data analytics, distribution and claims where disruption is in motion and new players are emerging, winning business and expanding the ecosystem of auto insurance
  • Get a global perspective on investment patterns in connected car & telematics, mobility and on-demand insurance products – position yourself to move with the trends
  • Be an investment prospect. Strike the balance of innovation with disruption through effective use of cutting edge tech. with business acumen to offer exciting ventures for investors
2:50pm - 3:25pm 35 mins
What's New: Tech, Models & Processes
Connected and Distracted?
  • Sam Madden - Founder and Chief Scientist, Cambridge Mobile Telematics
  • Jeff Blecher - Chief Strategy Officer, Agero
  • Jimmy Spears - AVP Auto Experience- External Partnerships & Client Management, USAA
  • Gina Minick - Director of Product, Insurance Solutions, Arity
  • Moderator: Thomas Hallauer - Research and Marketing Director, Ptolemus Consulting

There is no “blood test” for distracted driving and it has become an epidemic. Here we assess the tech that's steering distracted driving from prevention to causation and management.

  • Understand the multiple facets (e.g. infotainment, mobile compatibility) contributing to distraction resulting in rising premiums and increased costs for insurance companies
  • Incorporate a distracted driving score as a key factor of risk based on smartphone use, both active (e.g. text messaging) and passive (e.g. GPS navigation)
  • Measure the impact on risk as OEMs add features like ESC, FCW and AEB to vehicles. To what extent is ADAS contributing to diminished situational awareness in drivers?

*ESC - Electronic Stability Control | FCW - Forward Collision Warning | AEB - Automated Emergency Braking

3:25pm - 3:50pm 25 mins
The Digital Experience
The Risk of Cyber Security in Connected Auto Insurance
  • Dan Viza - Sr. Director, Global Business Development & Strategy, Trillium Secure, Inc.

Here we address the growing concerns of cyber security brought about by connectivity in the vehicle. We assess the the protocols to keep a vehicle and customer data secure as well as the processes in the worst case scenario of a breach.  

3:25pm - 3:50pm 25 mins
What's New: Tech, Models & Processes
Connected Car & Insurance: Views from the Observatory
  • Matteo Carbone - Founder and Director, IoT Insurance Observatory

Telematics continues to grow in adoption rates globally. Here we examine the factors that are driving/holding back adoption and take a closer look at developments for this tech. in the auto insurance industry. 

  • Align your strategies with customer demand. Get an update of global telematics adoption covering automotive bringing quantitative data
  • Explore developments in tech and processes from the past year for connected auto insurance from telematics based claims to products that are demonstrably changing driver behaviour
  • Examine case studies of UBI programs. What are the indications of success? What are the benchmarks to drive improvement from modern telematics programs?
3:50pm - 4:10pm 20 mins