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12:00am 12:05am (5 mins)

Main agenda

The BIG Fleet Survey and Market Overview

New players, technologies and regulation are dramatically changing the connected fleets industry. Take a comprehensive look at where the industry is today and where it is heading.

  • Inside the cab of 200+ fleet operators: Understand adoption rates of mobile & tablet versus embedded ELD solutions and pain points that impede adoption of connectivity and compliance
  • From last mile to long haul, public transport to new mobility, which areas of the industry will see the biggest growth or shrinkage and where are the innovations happening?
  • The connected fleet market gauge: Identify saturation levels of connected FMS adoption and forecasts of arrival to map the projected industry growth both in the US and internationally
  • Clem Driscoll - President, C.J. Driscoll & Associates

12:05am 12:10am (5 mins)

Main agenda

Roadmap to Commercial Lines Autonomy

Tech milestones for the autonomous vehicle have been met as millions of miles are recorded but is the legal and regulatory framework ready? Here we assess implications on the fleet industry.

  • The government is stepping in. Get an overview of the state and federal initiatives as they accelerate legislation and investment in autonomous technology and infrastructure
  • Testing, testing, 123. Discover the opportunities for small commercial fleets and service providers to partner with industry leaders as technological pilots – put your business ahead of the curve
  • Liability of the Highly Automated Vehicle (HAV) collision. How close are we to the necessary framework that desperately needs to be in place over the next 2-3 years?
  • April Sanborn - DMV Services Manager III - Driver Programs, Nevada DMV

12:10am 12:15am (5 mins)

Main agenda

Connected Fleet and Mobility Startups on Stage

As the ELD mandate accelerates fleets into an era of connectivity startups target this growth area with a host of new and innovative services. Hear some of the most innovative pitch their business and ideas.

  • Six startups go head to head! Identify where startups are filling gaps in connected services, reacting to the autonomous and mobility trends utilizing brought-in and on-board vehicle tech.
  • Three expert judges: See what fleet operators, accelerators and venture capitalists are identifying as winning ideas for connected fleet and mobility services, then can pick your own winners!
  • At the end of the elevator pitches meet the founders and CEOs of these startups - develop relationships to put you in the driving seat for connected fleet and mobility services
  • Panellist Sandeep Kar - Global Director - Commercial Vehicle Research, Frost & Sullivan

12:15am 12:20am (5 mins)

Main agenda

The ELD Mandate Impact on the Connected Fleet Ecosystem

The days are counting down to the ELD deadline and technology suppliers in this space need to understand concerns and queries over the technology, regulations and its uptake.

  • The landscape of ELD products today. Allay confusion as to the hardware (tablets, mobile etc.) and software (OTA updates) that will affect the compliancy of current solutions
  • Assess enforcement procedures for “grandfathered” AOBRDs and ELDs during the two-year period following the compliance date of the ELD rule
  • Supply versus demand. What is the current uptake rate of ELDs? Identify supply chain challenges suppliers face to meet a surge in demand as the deadline looms 
  • Moderator Clem Driscoll - President, C.J. Driscoll & Associates
  • Panellist Tom Cuthbertson - VP of Regulatory Compliance, Omnitracs
  • Panellist Kelly Frey - VP of Product Marketing, Verizon Telematics
  • Panellist Fred Fakkema - Vice President - Compliance, Zonar Sytstems

12:20am 12:25am (5 mins)

Main agenda

Interstate Platooning

Truck platoons are expected to become a common feature of highway driving within the next few years which presents a new set of opportunities and challenges for the fleets crossing state lines.

  • Understand how the variations in state-by-state based legislation and traffic laws (i.e. acceptable distances between trucks) is impacting the country wide roll-out of platooning tech. and DATP*
  • Explore how the inter-fleet platooning dilemma can be solved through centralized decision making systems to ensure equal efficiency savings between fleets
  • Take a look at the latest V2I and V2X schemes designed to expedite the role out of autonomous vehicles to understand where the future fleet infrastructure is heading
  • Panellist Yves Provencher - Manager, Performance Innovations Transport (PIT)
  • Panellist Aravind Kailas - Principal Technology Planner, Volvo

12:25am 12:30am (5 mins)

Main agenda

Urban Regulation

The urban space is complex and dynamic, creating challenges and opportunities for city based fleets. Here we look at how new tech. is being catered from a regulator’s standpoint.

  • Receive an overview on the municipal and state emission limits to identify how new tech., from FMS providers to city transport and electric vehicles could become critical to profit and compliancy
  • Discover how municipal uptake of new tech., from integrated emergency services to smart parking systems, will revolutionize city management and the operation of compliant fleets within them
  • Regulating the shared fleet. Learn how fleets will be held to the same metric standards as corporate travel departments as fleet managers Move away from TCO to Total Cost of Mobility (TCM)

12:30am 12:35am (5 mins)

Main agenda

Attract and Retain Drivers in the Era of Connected Fleets

Here we explore how tech. advances such as telematics, cameras through to autonomous tech. are re-weighting driver analysis - create a blend of human and machine operation to benefit fleet and driver.

  • Educate fleet and driver on connected tech. capability to deliver fairer and nuanced assessments of driver behavior - install a reward based model to improve driver contentment and performance
  • Revolutionize the perception of the driver experience through driver centric apps which not only tackle efficiency (i.e. traffic updates and HOS stops) but also foster a sense of community
  • ADAS, autonomy and the role of the future driver. As vehicle operation diminishes debate how the driver’s role can be expanded to create a more appealing career option for the millennial generation
  • Michael Ruf - Head of the Business Unit Commercial, Continental

12:35am 12:40am (5 mins)

Main agenda

The Role of AI Throughout the Enterprise

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be a game changer to all industries. Here we explore some of the more immediate effects of this technology on the connected fleet ecosystem.

  • Consider the wider applications of AI to satellite industries such as insurance and traffic management to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and improve uptime of fleets
  • Discuss how AI and ML can streamline data into business intelligence for fleet operators incl. driving habits, and how to apply to small CPU power to low-cost devices already in most cars
  • Understand how cognitive systems, such as humanized voice recognition and personality insights, can create the personalized experience end-users and drivers are craving
  • Mauricio Stella - Data Analytics Manager - Connected Vehicle Services, Volvo Group North America

12:40am 12:45am (5 mins)

Main agenda

Data Protection – Collaboration is Key

As vehicles and fleet systems become more connected cyber threats become numerous and diverse. Identify allies and learn how collaboration over data issues can keep you and your customers safe.

  • Counter over regulation by coming together with the commercial vehicle ISAC to lobby government and generate viable internal regulation regarding data privacy and security.
  • Develop a template agreement which is nuanced enough to differentiate between the needs of different commercial vehicle sub-types but provides a basis for universal data care
  • Combat the confusion and inefficiency of cyber incidents. Develop a blueprint of incident reporting up a clear chain of command to ensure information reaches the right destinations in a timely fashion
  • Panellist Charisse Castagnoli - VP of Security, General Counsel, Trucker Path
  • Panellist Patrick O'Connor - Member of the Board, National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA)

12:45am 12:50am (5 mins)

Main agenda

Making Connections: Fleet Partnership Vs M&A

As mergers and acquisitions continue to occur we discuss the impact on the market and the best strategies for M&A.

  • Who’s acquiring who? Receive a market overview with an up to date information on who has, is and will look to acquire who to recognize threats to your business and strategize accordingly
  • Diversify your product offering through strategic partnerships with players from across the value chain to offer a competitive and affordable solution that will stand out to customers
  • Speed Networking: Develop partnerships that works for you. Highlight areas of interest and join a new networking option to quickly locate and liaise with potential partners
  • Scott Mattson - Managing Director, William Blair

12:50am 12:55am (5 mins)

Main agenda

The Pull 3rd Party Industry Partners

Working with organizations outside of the fleet industry can open up many opportunities but also creates numerous challenges in both technology and value chain complexities.

  • Get an insight to initiatives being developed by organizations such as the Smart Cities Council and State DoT’s - establish partnerships which integrate fleets into smart transportation networks
  • Broaden your horizons and learn which untapped partner options such as fuel card providers, to reach out to and provide innovative packages for a highly competitive market
  • Solve the 'many-to-many' data sources problem by utilizing the exchange model framework to collect data from the OEMs, TSPs and other providers to streamline operations and efficiency  
  • Shawn Meredith - Product Strategy & Business Innovation Executive, Daimler Trucks of North America

12:55am 1:00am (5 mins)

Main agenda

The Sustainable Fleet Drives Forward

Legislation around emissions are increasingly important to city authorities and as such to fleets operating in city centers.

  • Identify gateway points and largest markets for electric vehicles - particularly in public transport and new mobility models - in smart city plans to identify the best areas of return for investment
  • Unwrap the unique needs of electric vehicles, from charging stations to driving behavior, to hone in on new demands and develop solutions ahead of the competition
  • Look at the long haul. Discover the recent innovations in both hybrid and electric vehicles which may be revoking the industries assertion that only traditional fuels are viable for heavy duty vehicles

1:00am 1:05am (5 mins)

Main agenda

Smart Cities, Clueless Fleets?

Smart cities need smart infrastructure. Discuss how fleets (which make up 70% of the traffic) which are connected can contribute to an IoT based city infrastructure.

  • Discover how traditional fleet services can expand their remit to partner with municipalities in building a connected infrastructure, from intelligent traffic lights to automated parking
  • Mobility services - the shiny new urban fleet. Investigate the new business opportunities emerging in the increasingly diverse mobility fleet space
  • Concentrated people, concentrated pools of data. Follow in the success of companies like Waze and discover how to utilize your data pool to assist in smart city management
  • Sandeep Kar - Global Director - Commercial Vehicle Research, Frost & Sullivan

1:05am 1:10am (5 mins)

Main agenda

Dynamic Mapping of Infrastructure & Road Conditions

As available technology to fleet operators increase so can costs. Here we explore fusing technologies that can improve truck driver and overall fleet safety.

  • Create dynamic mapping of infrastructure and roadway conditions (i.e. potholes, rutting, road surface friction) that can be incorporated and complement existing GPS-based vehicle nav systems
  • Implement 2D image processing, 3D laser/lidar, with low-cost mobile tech. to alert drivers of changing hazards (speed limits, work zones, collisions) to reduce accidents & improve routing 
  • Yichang (James) Tsai - Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology