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7:30am 9:00am (90 mins)

Main agenda

Registration & Welcome Coffee

9:00am 9:30am (30 mins)

Main agenda

Placing Bets on Auto Tech to Win Big in 2017

With billions of investment dollars fuelling rapid developments in auto tech and personal transportation in 2016, a panel of investors reveal what’s on investment horizon in 2017.

  • Predicting the trends: Pinpoint which technologies and industry segments will be red hot in 2017. Get in-line and follow the cash!
  • How do I get that investment? Tune into the VC mind-set to tick all their boxes - from revenue model to business structure. Become an attractive, sure-fire bet
  • Review the impact of recent high profile start-up acquisitions.  Create a successful model for injecting a digital/ tech-first philosophy into incumbent auto players

9:30am 10:00am (30 mins)

Main agenda

Smart Cities: Ready or Not?

The car is getting smarter but is the city keeping pace.  How can one help the other to deliver the efficient and seamless transportation experience demanded by consumers?

  • Are we ‘smart-city ready’? From stop sign to charge points evaluate viability of the current urban infrastructure to support auto tech innovation, i.e. automation and electric vehicles
  • Sync automotive and infrastructure strategies, policies and protocols to create solutions, such as commuter corridors, that relieve overburdened infrastructure
  • From e-payments to parking, create the new ecosystem partnerships to enable a suite of services that plugs the car into the heart of the urban IoT

10:00am 10:30am (30 mins)

Main agenda

The Wireless Battle

Whether its urban test beds or spectrums, the discussion around wireless infrastructure is heating up. What’s in store for the foundation of connectivity in 2017?

  • With 5G roll out rapidly approaching, see how it will enhance connected features, such as HD mapping, for a more streamlined connected experience
  • Competitive or Complimentary? Discuss the pros and cons of 5G and V2X technologies, incl. cybersecurity and coverage to identify which will suit your strategy & service offering
  • Get the low down on current V2V and V2X urban test beds e.g. New York and Tampa Bay, to ascertain the capabilities of the wireless infrastructure – is it ready to go national?

10:30am 11:00am (30 mins)

Main agenda


11:00am 11:30am (30 mins)

Main agenda

2017: The Legislative Tipping Point?

Autonomous vehicles, spectrums and V2V - the murmurs of legislation are getting louder. Will 2017 will be a watershed when words become actions.

  • Be a founding father of auto tech: Work with forward thinking states to accelerate auto tech R&D and play a pivotal role in shaping the regulatory landscape
  • Regulation - inhibitor or innovator? Debate the need for a DSRC mandate.  Evaluate recent incidences, i.e eCall and Contran 245, to avoid the expensive consequences of delay or failure
  • Get a full brief on NHTSA’s automated vehicle testing and development guidelines, incl. open access to vehicle data. Get compliant!

11:30am 12:00pm (30 mins)

Main agenda

Exclusive Announcement from Ford and Toyota

With the customer and app developer community experience top of mind, Ford and Toyota will discuss how adoption of SmartDeviceLink – the open-source software for connecting in-vehicle infotainment systems and smartphone apps – is accelerating toward an automotive industry-driven standard for integrating apps into the car.  

12:00pm 12:20pm (20 mins)

Main agenda

Looking Beyond Uber: Transforming the Future of Mobility

Analyze the changing landscape of urban mobility requirements and the requirements for any successful new mobility service.

  • Examine the global trends of new mobility services and changing user needs: What are some lessons for OEMs transitioning into mobility service companies
  • Learn how big data and analytics can predict user demands and enable smarter mobility services
  • Learn how platforms can automate the entire market entry into mobility-as-a-service, including workflow, end to end; dispatch, scheduling, balancing supply, demand, CRM and payments

12:20pm 12:40pm (20 mins)

Main agenda

Automotive Cybersecurity Year in Review

Cybersecurity has become a top priority for OEMs as several well publicized attacks on production vehicles hit the news and stirred up public and government concern over security and safety of CVs.

  • Review major milestones and headlines related to automotive cybersecurity for 2016 to ascertain what needs to be done in 2017
  • Compare and contrast security techniques used in traditional IT infrastructure versus automotive computing systems
  • Examine where these traditional techniques fall short for automotive applications to build additional layers of security on existing techniques

12:40pm 2:00pm (80 mins)

Main agenda


2:00pm 2:30pm (30 mins)

Main agenda

We’re Connected - Where Are the Subscriptions?

We know people cannot live without connectivity. We know people are willing to pay for connectivity. Why won’t they pay for connectivity in the car? Let’s change that now!

  • Great Experiences: Can consumers actually work their infotainment system? Simplify platforms to create the streamlined UX consumers expect as standard
  • Valuable Services: What do consumers actually want? Create convenient services, i.e. trunk package delivery, that consumers cannot live without
  • Long-lasting Relationships: Do you who is driving your car? Make ownership easier, i.e. vehicle health alerts to keep every owner (from forecourt to scrap yard) coming back for more - to your dealer!

2:30pm 3:00pm (30 mins)

Main agenda

Automated Vehicles - Counting Down to Deployment

Zero death deadlines, automated mobility pilots and start-ups galore; 2016 was a huge year for automated vehicle developments. Buckle-up, the pace of change is set to get even faster in 2017.

  • From creating the perfect sensor suite to insuring automation - analyse the tech. and ecosystem developments needed in 2017 to get the consumer into the self-driving vehicle
  • Evaluate automated mobility pilots, i.e. Uber and NuTonomy as automated vehicles break free of the hermetically sealed test beds on to the reality of the roads
  • Aftermarket autonomy for the masses! Understand the viability and applicability of this rapidly developing technology. Are we ready for plug and play automation?

3:00pm 3:30pm (30 mins)

Main agenda

Man and Machine in Perfect Harmony

With cars now loaded with more tech than ever - the way we now interact with vehicles has been transformed.

  • Utilize advanced data science and in-vehicle monitoring such as facial recognition software and infrared to enable real-time feedback to driver behavior
  • Same settings, different car. Utilize high speed cloud services to securely provide consumers with their personal settings and content - whatever car they drive, share or hail
  • Look at the digital cockpit of the future. Ascertain how infotainment will change to meet the demands of the automated driving - always keep the driver in the loop

3:30pm 3:50pm (20 mins)

Main agenda

A lean HMI Development environment as the basis for great user experience in autonomous cars

Building a simplified and intuitive HMI is key to engaging the consumer with your connected service platform.

  • Understanding the specific HMI development challenges of autonomous driving and the requirements for the next generation HMI.
  • Utilize Qt in Automotive to bridge the gap between designers and developers and enhance cross-platform development
  • Take the next step in infotainment by focusing in on the end user experience to create an on road experience that is faster, cheaper, smarter

3:50pm 4:20pm (30 mins)

Main agenda


4:20pm 4:50pm (30 mins)

Main agenda

A Thought for the Cognitive Car

With the install rate of in vehicle AI expected to grow from 8% to 109% by 2025, examine what the dawn of the cognitive car heralds for automotive in the future.

  • It’s closer than you think! Map out the timeline for AI development, identifying what you can utilize right now i.e. voice control
  • Explore how AI in the vehicle is the key enabler the consumer’s connected lifestyle e.g. automatically adjusting home temperature. The car becomes your personal assistant
  • Look into how machine learning can solve  consumer trust issues with automation by enabling a “humanized” self-driving experience

4:50pm 5:10pm (20 mins)

Main agenda

Avoiding Hazards on the Road to Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles could drastically reduce the 38,000 road deaths and 8 billion hours lost in traffic. But before we get there we still have to cross the tech. and consumer barriers.

  • Discuss the proactive steps the industry can take to build consumer trust and highlight the clear consumer benefits from AV technology
  • Identify where public sector stakeholders can lock-in benefits for their constituents by establishing policies that support data-driven testing and deployment of AVs
  • Address where industry stakeholders can work together to make the AV ecosystem safer, more efficient and more productive for all participants

5:10pm 5:40pm (30 mins)

Main agenda

Automaker’s Dilemma - Mainstreaming Innovation into Production

OEMs are increasingly setting up distinct “innovation teams” and/or leveraging Silicon Valley offices to harness the latest technological innovations from outside the industry – too many times with disappointing or mixed (implementation) results.

  • Examine the lessons learned for effectively leveraging innovation teams inside a large automaker
  • Understand what are specific roles innovation and/or R&D teams should play in ensuring more innovations make their way into actual cars
  • How do we keep score - what metrics should be used to evaluate the size/scope of innovation investments?

5:40pm 6:10pm (30 mins)

Main agenda

Closing Keynote

In an interactive session, leading industry analyst Roger Lanctot looks forward to the biggest tech trends and business models disrupting the automotive industry in 2017.

You too can put YOUR questions to Roger. Simply tweet your question using the hashtag #TUCTS to get insights into the issues facing your business!