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Interview with Tom Freeman

Senior Vice President, Land Mobile, Kymeta

V2X is a huge topic for OEMs. What advice would you give the OEMs who are focusing on this area?

a) The data being collected by vehicles will need to be pre- processed in the car for the “exceptions” to normal, then processed in the cloud for its meaning, and finally responded back to the car for its action. This will require intelligence in the cache and proxy server in the car to process data, while being in contact at all times whether the vehicle is in a cellular hot zone, cellular shadow, or cellular desert.

b) We said two important things – pre processing and contact to the cloud all the time.

What are the challenges for deploying V2X?

Humans are good at identifying the difference between normal behaviour and potential threats. V2X software will need to become as good or better at knowing what is actionable and what is not, what is going to cause problems like death, injury, traffic, delays, etc. versus discrepancies in normal human behaviour. That sounds like AI and that sounds like processing.

How does Kymeta stay innovative?

Kymeta is turning satellite from a boutique solution to mainstream. This means 1) connectivity that is priced like existing terrestrial systems that is also reliable and global. 

2) Mobility systems need to solve for efficiency and price to get adopted by market verticals and 3) Enter others to become mainstream. It is these market conditions that drive Kymeta to continuously innovate.


In just 2 sentences, what can our audience expect to learn from your panel discussion?

For good V2V or V2X connectivity, look up to space.

What are you most looking forward to during the Consumer Telematics Show?

Connecting with industry leaders from across the automotive sector.

Join Tom Freeman, Senior Vice President, Land Mobile, Kymeta at Consumer Telematics Show 2020