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Jun 06
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10:20am - 11:00am

Networking and Coffee Break

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12:40pm - 2:00pm

Lunch Break

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3:30pm - 4:10pm

Networking and Coffee Break

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Networking Drinks

9:00am - 9:20am 20 mins
The Battle for Miles and Minutes
  • Speaker Roger Lanctot - Director, Automotive Connected Mobility, Strategy Analytics

Soon the auto industry will no longer be defined by number of units sold, but how many miles are driven and how long is spent in the vehicle. So how will this new battle play out?

  • Get to grips with how to increase consumer usage of in vehicle connected services with radical strategies such as subsidizing connectivity and even compensating drivers for the miles driven! 
  • Extrapolate how to gain real value from miles and minutes driven through the integration of monetizable digital services from a variety of providers
  • Consider how to increase the adoption and usage of EVs via car sharing/ride hailing and subscription-based vehicle access to prove their economic viability to the world
9:20am - 10:20am 60 mins
More Headlines coming soon!
10:20am - 11:00am 40 mins
Networking and Coffee Break
11:00am - 11:20am 20 mins
Hyundai Connected Car Presentation
  • Speaker Cason Grover - Senior Group Manager, Vehicle Technology Planning, Hyundai Motor America
11:00am - 11:30am 30 mins
Let’s Talk Legislation
  • Panellist Prashanthi Rao Raman - Director of Public Policy, Lyft
  • Moderator Chan Lieu - Senior Legislative Advisor, Venable

It’s a long and winding road on the way to a comprehensive legislative framework for autonomous vehicles, but the first steps on this journey have already been taken.

  • Get insights from the AV industry heavyweights on what the industry itself is looking for from legislation
  • With states leading the way on legislation, listen in in to how some of the leading state legislators are creating an environment for safe and legal on-road testing
  • Consider how the rumblings of regulation from Capitol Hill will translate into federally sanctioned AV legislation. How can you ensure this doesn’t compromise industry innovation?
11:00am - 11:20am 20 mins
Shared Robo Fleets; Build Up Your Operations Game

Fleets are the future! Learn to successfully manage vehicles as a fleet of assets and map out the operational ecosystem for automated mobility on demand.

  • Fleet Management 101: From managing servicing & repairs to developing algorithms that predict demand & optimal vehicle locations, get the basics right or fail at the first hurdle!
  • Understand the importance of software & intelligent algorithms via a central management system to the car share operations business, incl. optimized routing & intelligent charging
  • Obtain valuable data on what the user needs & wants, e.g. app design, services & use cases for shared AVs while creating engaging experiences between passenger and vehicle
11:00am - 11:30am 30 mins
Automotive Cybersecurity: Understanding A Crowded Market
  • Speaker Paul Sanderson - Cyber Security Senior Technical Specialist, SBD Automotive

Finding the best cybersecurity partners and solutions can be daunting! Get an overview of the market and the best providers and techniques for your needs.

  • Automotive cybersecurity 101: Identify the common attack surfaces for your products and identify the key risks you need to address
  • With so many companies out there offering a “complete solution”, understand who is doing what so you can approach the right partners
  • Learn the latest trends and technology, such as in-vehicle monitoring & silicon security, so that you can prepare for next gen roll-out
11:00am - 11:20am 20 mins
The Realities of EV Forecasting
  • Jeff Huron - Connected Car Specialist, SBD

Market forecasts are complicated to perform correctly and are often influenced by personal or company objectives. Forecasters frequently neglect to consider the past when predicting the future.

  • Get to grips with EV forecasts from the last decade to understand which have under- and over-shot the actual market. What are the reasons for these forecasts not meeting reality?
  • What knowledge and techniques can you apply in your organisation to avoid being misled by the many EV predictions hitting the headlines?
  • Discuss pending market disruptors that could shift our expectations up and down to set out guidelines for the electric future
11:20am - 11:50am 30 mins
Is the Connected Car Ready for Autonomy?

The autonomous vehicle experience will be heavily reliant on connectivity, but is our connectivity good enough? Assess the tech. e.g. 5G & the business models that will help the industry deliver. 

  • From connection coverage & speed to security, debate the readiness of vehicle connectivity to support both autonomous vehicle     functionality and the UX e.g. streaming infotainment
  • Connectivity remains an expensive add-on. Analyze strategies for monetization already in place & whether it will be enough to cover the cost of processing significant amounts of data
  • Discuss how the connected car will evolve in the ride-hailing/AV era, e.g. new products to develop or monitoring in-vehicle safety – are telematics departments prepared for the shift?
11:20am - 11:40am 20 mins
Session TBA
11:20am - 11:40am 20 mins
Building a New Age Vehicle Company from the Ground Up
  • Ken Stewart - Chief Business & Technology Officer, Karma Automotive

We are in a very unique and exciting period for the industry. New trends are driving innovation and new players are rising to meet the challenges. But what does it take to be a successful new age OEM?

  • Ge to grips with how a new age automaker views the key automotive drivers from electrification and connectivity to shared mobility and autonomy
  • Combine both vehicle software and hardware tech. effectively to compute vast amounts of data from sensors continuously and lay the foundation for a new age electric vehicle
  • Get the customer interface right – Build brand recognition and customer satisfaction through creating a user experience which streamlines services seamlessly 
11:30am - 11:50am 20 mins
A Snap Shot: Attitudes and Behaviours with Automation and ADAS in the Wild
  • Panellist Bryan Reimer - Research Scientist Associate Director, MIT

The success of advanced driver assistance systems, automated driving features, and ultimately self-driving vehicles, rests upon the engineering community’s ability to excite and delight the consumer while fulfilling basic mobility needs.

  • Uncover the results from an industry wide collaborative study, including data from over 250,000 miles of in-vehicle monitoring, investigating driver attitudes and behaviours with advanced vehicle technologies

  • Learn how and where drivers are using technologies such as Tesla’s Autopilot to understand current consumer interactions with automated systems

  • Discover, through in-vehicle video and telemetry, key experiences with active safety features that are framing perceptions

11:30am - 12:00pm 30 mins
Keeping the Autonomous Car Safe & Secure
  • Speaker Joseph Buck - Product Cybersecurity Autonomous Vehicle Urban Active Platforms, General Motors
  • Speaker Dariusz Mikulski - Cybersecurity Research Scientist, Ground Vehicle Robotics, U.S. Army TARDEC
  • Moderator Greg Basich - Senior Analyst - AMCS, Strategy Analytics

The autonomous car’s prime purpose is to increase safety. But how can we ensure the vehicle itself is safe from cyber threats?

  • Identify what new attack vectors and threats, e.g. altering vehicle intent, can be targeted by hackers on AVs so that you can secure vulnerable systems
  • Consider the requirements of cybersecurity in a variety of system layouts e.g. integrated network and centralized processor, to establish what layout offers the most secure architecture
  • With more autonomy comes more connectivity! Consider how to scale up your cyber security through additional defensive layers to keep the connected AV secure
11:40am - 12:10pm 30 mins
Urban Mobility: The Car Goes Public
  • Speaker Justin Holmes - Director of Corporate Communications and Public Policy , Zipcar
  • Speaker Edwin Olson - CEO, May Mobility
  • Speaker Carla Bailo - President and CEO, Center for Automotive Research
  • Moderator Richard Wallace - Director, Transportation Systems Analysis, Center for Automotive Research

Transportation is one of the key elements for a well-run city! Debate the role of vehicles in the modern city’s multi-modal, integrated mobility mix. Don’t forget – there is no “one size fits all” solution!

  • Identify where autonomous cars/vans can complement transportation systems, incl. shared first/last mile solutions from suburb stations & shared pick-up services, rather than threatening them
  • Work with cities to prepare for autonomous vehicles. Build the infrastructure – both physical and digital – needed to support them and identify business models that work for all
  • Consider how autonomy can bring equal access to mobility to e.g. deprived areas or the handicapped. Debate the implications of new MaaS on communities

11:40am - 12:00pm 20 mins
Integrating EVs into Ride Sharing Models
  • Kelly Helfrich - Manager, Electric Vehicles, General Motors/Maven
11:50am - 12:10pm 20 mins
Session TBA
11:50am - 12:10pm 20 mins
Session TBA
12:00pm - 12:30pm 30 mins
Build Your Auto Security A Team
  • Speaker Barbara Ciaramitaro - Professor, Information Technology and Cybersecurity, Director, Center for Cybersecurity, Walsh College

Automotive cybersecurity presents a security paradigm that is very different from IT security, and we desperately need experts! Harness cross-discipline skill-sets to develop an effective cyber task force!

  • Combine engineering, IT, cybersecurity & academic expertise to meet the auto security challenge head-on. Do not let an over reliance on proprietary knowledge hinder the identification of vulnerabilities 
  • Understand the unique issues of cyber-physical systems versus traditional IT and cybersecurity; including real-time detection & response, the merging of hardware & software, & updatability problems
  • Use new tools such as a move from “use case” to “abuse case”; adapt the functionality-oriented engineering design process to include cybersecurity threat analysis
12:00pm - 12:20pm 20 mins
Mobility as a User Enterprise
  • Amer Akhtar - Head of XPT, XPT

Who will be left behind? The trend from product sales to mobility-as-a-service will present significant opportunities for auto industry disruption from non-traditional players such as Tesla, NIO and Uber over the next decade. Amer Akhtar, COO of US XPT, a division of NIO, will discuss:

  • Transition from Product to Service Model. Certain factors, such as user demand shift, government intervention, technology over manufacturing prowess, electrification and autonomous drive systems have led a change in mobility opportunities.

  • Prioritized Markets. All markets are not created equal. A geographic focused approach will define the best product to market fit. One must consider trends such as urbanization, sustainability, and a government's declared intention to address mobility requirements.

  • Novel Business Models. Mobility-as-a-service transcends traditional product sales. The ingredients for a fully formed strategy may include car share, ride share, delivery services and power-as-a-service, to name a few.
12:10pm - 12:30pm 20 mins
Living Maps for Robots
  • Speaker Eric Gundersen - CEO, Mapbox
12:10pm - 12:30pm 20 mins
Baidu Presentation
  • Speaker Guang Yang - Director, Principal Architect, Chair of Technical Committee, Baidu USA

From the development tools to the test tracks, a multitude of techniques and arenas are now integral to validating AV systems before they hit the road.

  • Understand how scenario modelling can be applied to simulator based validation approaches to ensure level 4 system reliability in any eventuality
  • Consider how simulator based approaches focussed on virtual environments can be utilized to not only test but also train autonomous vehicle systems
  • Move from the lab to the test track to understand how the current crop of test centers are the key to obtaining real world validation of software based test results

12:10pm - 12:40pm 30 mins
Designing Mobility Services

Create and deploy mobility services that meet travelers’ needs and turn a profit!

  • Explore new as well as tried and tested business models for new mobility, incl. flexible shared ownership, ad-subsidized car sharing, & valet services
  • Identify the services that meet consumers’ needs. Do we need to provide another general catch-all shared service, or is there a market for e.g. safe rides for kids to go to school?
  • Scale it up! Discuss how to go from concept or pilot to full scale roll out. Turn localized experiments, e.g. community ride share schemes, into global solutions
12:40pm - 2:00pm 80 mins
Lunch Break
2:00pm - 2:20pm 20 mins
Session TBA
2:00pm - 2:20pm 20 mins
An Eye Test for the Autonomous Car
  • Speaker Radovan Miucic - Technical Specialist, Changan US R&D Center, Inc

LiDAR, camera, radar, infra-red, ultrasonic. With such a plethora of sensors now available, it’s time to look at what capabilities can be brought to the vehicle.

  • Less is more! Debate the pros and cons of each respective sensor to identify the smallest combination that meets all of your specifications at the lowest financial outlay
  • Consider how a combination of V2X and sensors can enable collaborative perception across a vehicle network to link connected and legacy vehicles
  • Analyze how machine learning can be applied as a fusion technique to bypass the traditional math for feature extraction

2:00pm - 2:20pm 20 mins
Presentation From Maven
  • Speaker Alex Keros - Smart Cities Chief, General Motors/ Maven

Session details coming soon

2:00pm - 2:30pm 30 mins
Auto-ISAC: Sharing is Caring!
  • Speaker Faye Francy - Executive Director, Auto-ISAC

With cybersecurity, openness can actually be more secure than keeping issues secret. Learn why it’s essential to share security & safety information.

  • Learn what good information sharing looks like v bad information sharing
  • Understand the ways that the industry builds on learning from sharing, and how this has evolved since the Auto-ISAC has founded. What can we learn from other industry ISACs?
  • Map out the industry stakeholders who should be involved in the Auto-ISAC, with automakers, tier 1’s and suppliers involved, how far should it reach into the ecosystem?
2:00pm - 2:40pm 40 mins
Urban Mobility on Demand: Utilizing ELSVs in providing a First and Last Mile Solution
  • Kris Bailey - COO, Electric Cab of Austin
  • Erica Stein - Director, Advanced Solutions Group, United Rentals
  • David Bruemmer - CEO, Adaptive Motion Group
  • Russ Ziegler - Strategic Accounts Manager, Polaris Industries

Innovation is key to drive change when it comes to transportation planning and execution. This panel of experts in logistics, operations, robotics and manufacturing bring together a model that will revolutionize the way people get around in their cities.

  • Partner and develop innovative and scalable solutions utilizing neighbourhood electric vehicles to connect people to public transportation
  • Manage your fleets effectively by getting accurate positioning systems in place (Smart Roads) and real-time data through telematics devices
  • Change communities attitudes around using their cars on a daily basis, reducing carbon emissions, traffic congestion and driving economic re-development in transit
2:00pm - 2:30pm 30 mins
Investing in Success
  • Panellist Sean Simpson - Investment Manager, GM Ventures
  • Panellist Anil Rachakonda - Director of Startup Co-operations, co-pace, Continental Startup Program

Companies in the auto tech and mobility space are attracting a lot of attention. Understand the trends, where to invest, and ask the question: partner, acquire or be acquired?
•Analyze the big moves in the market. Determine their impact on the ecosystem and the diversity of suppliers – what’s next?
•Assess the role of investment branches of OEMs & Tier 1’s and how they interplay with R&D efforts across the company
•Crystal ball time! Understand where investors are looking over the next 6-12 months to make gains in the next 5-10 years

2:20pm - 2:40pm 20 mins
Mojio Presentation
  • Speaker Kenny Hawk - CEO, Mojio
2:20pm - 2:40pm 20 mins
Session TBA
2:20pm - 2:40pm 20 mins
Session TBA
2:30pm - 3:00pm 30 mins
Security and the Supply Chain
  • Speaker Billy Kihei - Cyber Safety Advocate, I Am the Cavalry
  • Speaker Todd Lawless - Automotive Cyber Security Specialist, Continental

An increasing need for cybersecurity is already having an impact on automotive supply chain relationships and management. Understand the key implications and measures to be taken.

  • Explore the issues for implementing cybersecurity across partners, including overcoming the security limitations of changing contracts and encouraging more effective collaboration
  • Constant Vigilance! Assess the need to reintroduce quality assessments that include the security element, such as Supplier Quality Management (SQM) and Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Look beyond cyber to the different levels of hacks and identify the processes that can analyze what went wrong at different stages e.g. when a malicious code was introduced
2:30pm - 3:30pm 60 mins
Project Kairos Pitch Off Group 1: Cybersecurity & Data Management
2:40pm - 3:10pm 30 mins
The Connected Car and the Dealership
  • Speaker Bradley Miller - Director, Legal and Regulatory Affairs, National Automobile Dealers Association
  • Speaker Cletus Nunes - Director of Sales, Octo Telematics North America
  • Speaker Mike Fisher - SVP Mobility and Chief Digital Officer, Hertz
  • Moderator Alan Chakra - Managing Director, Dealer & Fleet Mobility, Deloitte Digital

Connected technologies and new mobility programs are drastically changing the way consumers use vehicles and this change is set to impact dealerships across the globe.

  • Consider how consumers are utilizing connected technologies so that you can center your value proposition on new tech. to appeal to a new audience

  • Understand how connectivity holds the key to increasing service center efficiency whilst drastically reducing overhead costs

  • Discuss the role automotive retailers can play in the mobility revolution e.g. acting as service hubs for mobility services assets to enable a proliferation of services across the country

2:40pm - 3:10pm 30 mins
Getting a Guardian Angel in the Car
  • Speaker Ryan Eustice - Vice President of Autonomous Driving, Toyota Research Institute
  • Speaker Andrew Whydell - Vice President, Product Planning, Global Systems, ZF
  • Moderator Sam Abuelsamid - Senior Research Analyst, Navigant Research

The influx of ADAS technologies into new vehicles is providing consumers with an unprecedented safety net whilst driving.

  • Examine the level of fusion required for a fully integrated safety system to ascertain where new safety gains can be made
  • Assess how applying machine learning algorithms alongside existing ADAS sensor systems can enable a second set of eyes for the ultimate driver failsafe
  • Learn how ADAS technologies, such a sensors, can be integrated with passive safety systems e.g. airbags to radically enhance existing safety systems
2:40pm - 3:10pm 30 mins
Public Private Partnerships: The New Ecosystem Paradigm
  • Speaker Michael Mikos - CFO, car2go N.A.
  • Speaker Mark de la Vergne - Chief of Mobility Innovation, City of Detroit
  • Moderator Jason Nelson - Executive Director, Smart Cities Council

With new mobility options, the lines are blurring between public & private offerings. As smart city programs develop and autonomous vehicles come on the scene, this is set to increase.

  • Pick your partner! Understand the different layers of municipal governments & departments to plan you approach. Should you go directly to government, or is there a third party?
  • Identify where current practices should change, be it more processes for working with private partners in the public sector or more flexibility to adapt to an individual city’s needs
  • The Million Dollar Question: Debate who pays for infrastructure digitization & upgrades as stakeholders eye up the value of controlling the data exchange
2:40pm - 3:00pm 20 mins
Hydrogen Fuel Cells – The Right Power Source for ULEVs?

Hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles provide a huge opportunity in terms of negating the consumer apprehensions around the range and charge time of EVs and providing a cleaner solution than ICEs.

  • Get to grips with the benefits of hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle (i.e. extended range, short refuel times, emission reduction) to appease consumer apprehension around green vehicles
  • Understand the main barriers to propagating this technology from implementing the infrastructure (different to gas) to the sourcing of substance (unavailable in the US)
  • Discover the explosive hazards of hydrogen in order to create vehicles and transportation networks which can carry both the substance and passengers safely
3:00pm - 3:30pm 30 mins
Collaborating on Standards & Best Practices
  • Speaker Aaron Guzman - Cyber Safety Advocate, I Am the Cavalry

The industry is learning that no one company can solve cybersecurity; with such an intertwined supply chain & global implications if something goes wrong, collaborate to deliver safe & secure vehicles.

  • From the Auto-ISAC to the SAE/ISO working group to government legislation, get to grips with who is working on what so you can anticipate new measures & requirements
  • Identify where the industry can build best practices and processes, such as vulnerability disclosure programs, data sharing, & risk management, to create a unified approach
  • Take cue from other industries that have already addressed/are addressing these issues, such as aerospace, automated manufacturing, & shipping, to accelerate industry progress
3:00pm - 3:20pm 20 mins
Harnessing the Low Voltage Power for Hybrids

The future is electric. However, we are still a long way away from widespread adoption of EVs. Can Hybrids prove to be an effective way of converting consumers from ICEs to BEVs?

  • Harness the potential of 48V battery to supply power to the 12V battery and small load through a dc/dc converter and supply power to other applications (i.e. AC, electric power steering)
  • Ease consumer into BEV acceptance gradually through hybrid vehicles and help them overcome consumer anxieties around range, charging infrastructure and cost
  • Help consumers get to grips with the environmental impact of BEV by getting them use to the idea EV through hybrid vehicle adoption
3:10pm - 3:30pm 20 mins
V-Commerce: The Way Forward For the Connected Car
  • Speaker Tom Freeman - Senior Vice President - Land Mobile, Kymeta

In-Vehicle Commerce is fast becoming a reality. Identify how to make payments work for both consumers & the industry in the connected car context.

  • Understand what makes V-Commerce unique when compared to e-commerce or cell phone commerce, incl. the advantage of a mobile consumer you can draw to you, rather than relying on delivery services
  • It's all about the money! Learn how in-vehicle commerce and transactions can generate revenue after the car leaves the shop, helping to pay for the connectivity that goes in the car
  • Plot the best way to implement V-Commerce, incl. getting the right user experience. Avoid the pitfalls that will stall adoption and identify who is already doing it well
3:10pm - 3:30pm 20 mins
Session TBA
3:10pm - 3:30pm 20 mins
We’ll Build this Smart City on Data!

The “smart city” is a popular concept but there is still little consensus on how it works. Boil the broad concept of smart city data exchange down into the mobility context.

  • Assess cities’ potential as a digital platform for shared, integrated data – not just point solutions. Debate the need for a base smart cities architecture with data & comms standards
  • Identify the data sets, incl. traffic, weather, potholes, public events, that could provide value to cities, citizens & industry i.e. to help with planning or transportation operating system
  • Determine what data needs to be stored & analyzed centrally v managed on the edge of the network, e.g. do you want to store all SPAT messages or use for real-time decisions only?
3:30pm - 4:10pm 40 mins
Networking and Coffee Break
4:10pm - 4:30pm 20 mins
Understanding the limitations of in-vehicle connectivity
  • Speaker Paul Hedtke - Advisor, Valens

The future of the connected & autonomous car brings increased demands to OEMs and Tier-1s, incl. necessary bandwidth, network topology & architecture, support for different use cases & applications, & more.

  • Understand current limitations & challenges of in-vehicle connectivity, such as increased bandwidth, EMC robustness, & proliferation of electronic devices, and how these affect the future of the connected car
  • Learn how a new ecosystem of connectivity technologies can simplify and optimize the transition to autonomous cars.
  • Explore the potential of a toolbox of features and capabilities, e.g. transmission of native interfaces & extension of USB & PCIe connections for longer distances, which will expand the potential of in-vehicle connectivity.
4:10pm - 4:40pm 30 mins
All Power to the Processors
  • Moderator Danny Kim - Director, Advisory Services, VSI

Software and processors are undoubtedly the new power plant of the autonomous vehicle and their development is key to the rollout of AVs.

  • Consider how centralized processors and high-speed low latency networking can be applied to deal with the teraflops of data needed to power AV platforms
  • Assess how A.I. based algorithms can be applied in the processing pipeline to help fill in incomplete data such as perception data
  • Cloud, Edge, Fog. Map out exactly how off board data storage can be utilized to store data not vital to autonomous functioning, freeing up processing power for immediate functions

4:10pm - 4:30pm 20 mins
Can't Trust This! Deploying a Trusted Digital Identity for the Mobility Ecosystem
  • Speaker Christine Cavigioli - Senior Vice President – Automotive & Mobility Services, Gemalto

To accelerate and simplify users enrollment to online mobility services, the end user experience need to be fast, convenient and secure. 

  • Make identification easy! Collect and verify identity documents e.g. driver's license to ease service access and usage for the user while ensuring your assets - such as shared vehicles - are secure!
  • Allow a user to develop a digital identity across platforms so various service providers can rely on one single check and simplify     registration process while removing barriers for users to register for new services
  • Give control to the user. Ensure user data is securely stored in servers with no access without user permission to remove concerns about security & privacy
4:10pm - 4:40pm 30 mins
The Key to Safely Drive Current and Future OEM Business Models
  • Speaker Stacy Janes - Chief Security Architect, Irdeto

How the automotive industry views cybersecurity needs a rethink. Instead of seeing a financial burden, it’s important to understand how cybersecurity enables new services and business models enabled by the connectivity in connected and autonomous cars. This session will explore:

  • How implementing secure mobility-as-a-service and transportation-as-a-service business models will become essential to maintain a competitive edge as cars become more autonomous
  • The importance of protecting business data and securely enforcing policies, to allow business owners to deliver customizable experiences to their customers
  • How to safely implement and monetize these new business models by securely managing and controlling the services offered in the vehicle
4:10pm - 4:50pm 40 mins
The Future is Autonomous and Electric
  • Panelist Steven Atneosen - VP - Corporate Development, XPT Global

The future is autonomous and electric. This is statement seems to be ubiquitously reciprocated by automakers in the run up to the autonomous car. But is autonomous and electric intrinsically linked?

  • Discuss the enhanced suitability of BEV for automated mobility on demand for being more cost effective and safer to recharge then refuel an unmanned vehicle
  • Get to grips with the architecture of autonomous vehicles and how vehicle electrification is better suited to powering the components enabling self-driving vehicles
  • Delve into how BEV are better suited to meet regulation around gas mileage
4:10pm - 5:10pm 60 mins
Project Kairos Pitch Off Group 2: AI & Machine Learning
4:30pm - 5:00pm 30 mins
Cellular Networks: The future of V2X?
  • Moderator Scott Belcher - President & CEO, SFB Consulting

With an existing infrastructure and relatively cheap chip sets, cellular networks are rapidly gaining popularity as a means for establishing V2X communication vs a full DSRC rollout.

  • Discuss the pros and cons of utilizing cellular networks for V2X communication e.g. infrastructure and coverage
  • Assess the latest 5G standards to understand what this evolution of cellular networks will be capable of i.e. security and safety capabilities
  • Consider how networking splicing could enable enhanced efficiency on a single bandwidth within a C-V2X system
  • Gain a realistic outlook on DSRC functionality to ascertain the spectrum’s place in CAV deployment. Debate what role it could play within a multi spectrum, split network to provide seamless connectivity to vehicles
4:30pm - 4:50pm 20 mins
Session TBA

Session details coming soon

4:40pm - 5:00pm 20 mins
Session TBA
4:40pm - 5:10pm 30 mins
Presentation from Green Hills Software

More information coming soon

4:50pm - 5:20pm 30 mins
Connecting Cars & Infrastructure
  • Speaker Sinan Yordem - Global Ecosystem Manager - 3M™ Connected Roads, 3M
  • Speaker Aravind Kailas - Research and Innovation Manager, Volvo Group CTO Office, Volvo Group
  • Moderator James Hodgson - ‎Industry Analyst, ABI Research

Connecting the car to intelligent transport systems and other cars is a crucial facet of safety and collision avoidance. Assess the prospects for V2I connections.

  •  Assess how existing infrastructure can be utilized to enhance CAV capabilities e.g. through mesh networks and what areas will need further development

  • Learn what infrastructure – incl. traffic lights and signals – can be digitized in preparation for the rollout of V2I standards and technology

  • Consider the role infrastructure organizations need to play in developing the connected infrastructure needed to enable CAVs

4:50pm - 5:30pm 40 mins
Session TBA
5:00pm - 5:30pm 30 mins
Validating Connected Vehicle Technology
  • Speaker Jim Barna - Chief Engineer, Ohio DoT

Connected technologies will not make it into the hands of the consumer without comprehensive testing.

  • Consider the best approach to testing the implications of micro updates on baseline systems. Is software and hardware in the loop enough?
  • Assess the robustness of current penetration testing procedures on security programmes to ensure all possible attacks are protected against
  • Review the results of wireless testbeds to establish the successes and deficiencies seen in V2X technologies currently under trial

5:00pm - 5:30pm 30 mins
Building the Autonomous Vehicle
  • Speaker Gary Strumolo - Manager, Vehicle Design and Infotronics, Ford Motor Company

The autonomous vehicle represents a paradigm shift in how vehicles will be designed in the future. From HMI’s to OS’s, nothing will ever be the same!

  • Consider how to create a failsafe AV operating system through the application of a suite of co-existing operating systems e.g. Linux, iOS synced through middleware software
  • With the driver’s focus off the road in an AV, consider how best to apply technologies, such as cameras and infrared sensors, to monitor alertness in the event of a L4 takeover scenario
  • Turn your thoughts to HMI to develop a UX for consumers who no longer have to focus on driving, whilst maintaining alertness systems in the event of vehicle takeover
5:10pm - 5:40pm 30 mins
Session TBA
5:20pm - 5:40pm 20 mins
Session TBA
5:30pm - 5:50pm 20 mins
Session TBA
5:30pm - 6:00pm 30 mins
Insurance in an Autonomous World
  • Speaker Gregory Jacobs - Managing Director, Emerging Auto Products, Travelers
  • Speaker Kyle Nakatsuji - Founder & CEO, Clearcover
  • Speaker Dawn Mortimer - AVP, Personal Auto Product Development, IoT/Telematics, Verisk
  • Speaker Steven Fernandes - Director of Innovation, Octo North America
  • Moderator Frederic Bruneteau - Managing Director, Ptolemus Consulting Group

Automated vehicle technology is slowly but surely reducing the role of the driver in the vehicle. So how will the insurance industry deal with the diminishing role of the driver?

  • Consider how the insurance space is reacting to the influx of ADAS to gauge the wider implications for consumers
  • Outline a framework whereby insurers can access vehicle data to have full visibility on the ADAS features equipped on the vehicle, allowing them to dynamically price premiums
  • Product or personal? Debate where liability lies for AV incidents to create policies that cater for the autonomous future

6:00pm - 7:30pm 90 mins
Networking Drinks