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The TU-Automotive Awards

Highlighting Innovation And Talent Across Automotive Technology

The TU-Automotive Awards are the most prestigious and anticipated awards in the connected car industry. The glamorous ceremony aims to gather the leading minds of the connected car industry to highlight innovation and quality.

The 2017 TU-Automotive Awards winners are

Celebrating Real Connected Car Innovation

Enjoy relaxed networking with the inner core of the automotive tech industry, mingle with a select crowd of OEMs, Tier 1's and TSP's to get your TU-Automotive Detroit experience off to a flying start
Be the first to congratulate the winners and find out which companies are the ones to watch in 2017
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TU-Automotive Awards 2017 Winners

OEM of the Year - Scania

The judges selected Scania based on their impressive culture and attitude towards opening up gated walls within the industry. They appreciated the innovative way of thinking they show. They also highlighted their interesting usage for telematics through multi ecosystem.

Best Connected Service or Product for Commercial Market - Eyeris for their Eyeris driver & occupants monitoring AI

The judges picked this winner because they are at cutting edge of where the commercial vehicle industry is going. They loved the opportunities it enables for the future and saw great potential in this application. Another aspect that the judges appreciated is that Eyeris driver & occupants monitoring AI really stands out in the wide range of driver monitoring tools out there.

Best Telematics Product/Service - HARMAN for The HARMAN Ignite Platform

The HARMAN Ignite Platform is a critical product that addresses one of the biggest needs for automotive OEMs. The judges appreciated the cloud portion that makes it key to stand the test of time. They also highlighted that the solution is showing great initiative by attempting to bring everything together under one platform.

Best Insurance Telematics Product/Service - Octo Telematics for Octo Surround

This is a solution that stands out in a crowded field. The judges really appreciated the fact that the solution evolved a lot in the past 12 months. They also highlighted the fact that the industry reaction & uptake has been very good.

Best Active Safety or ADAS Product/Service - BlackBerry QNX for QNX Platform for ADAS

The judges picked this QNX Platform for ADAS based on the impact they believe it will have in the future and also for the fact that they know how to do safety critical.

Best Auto Mobility Product/Service - Joint Winners: Olli by Local Motors (with IBM) & Qualcomm for their Drive Data Platform

Olli was selected because it is providing an important reminder we need to stop thinking of cars in the same way. The judges also highlighted their strong industry partners &progressive technology and crowdsourcing #AccessibleOlli inclusive autonomous mobility for aging & disabled.

Drive Data Platform by Qualcomm was selected because it is the most advanced integration for enabling technology and connectivity that will allow mobility to change. The judges thought they will be the catalyst for a lot of industry changes in the future.

Best Auto Cybersecurity Product/Service - Karamba Autonomous Security by Karamba Security

The judges appreciated the Karamba Autonomous Security product because it showed a new and interesting approach. They also highlighted the fact that this product solves a concrete problem at low cost.

Best Aftermarket Telematics Product/Service - by Nebula Systems Ltd was described as a very current solutions that is doable today. The judges selected this product as it is a clear benefit to independent aftermarket, it supports the repair facilities to service and maintain cars. It also offers state of the art scanning tools - they really focused on what the aftermarket potential is.

Newcomer of the year - Traffic Technology Services

A main point that was highlighted by the judges was the fact that Traffic Technology Services are tackling a tough business for a startup, but will make a big difference for drivers and cars with the services integrated. The judges really saw traction, innovation and a great market potential.

Influencer of the year - Aarjav Trivedi, CEO, RideCell

The judges thought Aarjav was someone making things happen today. They have been very impressed with his contribution to the industry and how his company is driving smart mobility forward. The judges appreciated that although still small, his company is creating a fresh movement in the industry that is needed.

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