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DETROIT, Tuesday March 3rd, 2020 – TU-Automotive is proud to announce that aicas has signed up as a Gold Sponsor of TU-Automotive Detroit 2020.

Norbert Steinhauser, Director of Product Management is leading the aicas team at the event this year, offering attendees a unique discussion on:

Changing Lanes: Monetizing on the Future of the Software Defined Vehicle

  • How will the rapid addition of millions more vehicle SLOCs correlate to reduced costs and indirect and direct monetization? 

  • How will efforts to reduce costs up front, such as using hardware/systems on chip, limit automakers’ ability to keep pace during a steady and uncertain evolution?  

  • How can the industry measure the ROI of introducing software at all levels of a vehicle to meet the needs of today, with the cost of being well-positioned to meet the unknown demands for fully-autonomous functions, transportation-as-a-service, rapid growth of AI, and more? 

About aicas
About aicas

aicas simplifies software development for the automotive industry. Our flexible, embedded solutions have enabled OEMs and Tier suppliers to connect and manage millions of devices, with decreased costs, increased security, and faster time-to-market. The aicas software development and runtime environment integrates with standard hardware using structured programming language. The framework enables rapid prototyping, solutions development, testing, deployment and over-the-air management of real-time operating systems, hardware for infotainment, on-demand functions and services, management of third-party software and more. Connect with us about developing your in-vehicle solution as well as upscaling, release and management, automated software deployment and more.

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About TU-Automotive Detroit
About TU-Automotive Detroit

Just like an engine converts one form of energy into mechanical energy, TU-Automotive Detroit gathers the energy of the automotive tech industry to create innovation and push transformation.

TU-Automotive Detroit continues to be an annual B2B conference and exhibition that gathers the leaders in automotive technology; making it the only event you need in 2020 to Connect with the industry, Accelerate your business, Showcase your expertise, and Educate your customer.

About TU-Automotive Awards

These prestigious and anticipated awards celebrate the best talent, products and services across automotive technology the night before TU-Automotive Detroit.

Join the biggest companies for the TU-Automotive Awards party on June 2, 2020! The shortlist will be announced in March. The winners will be announced during the TU-Automotive Awards party.


Join the aicas team at the Engine of Automotive Technology Innovation.