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DETROIT, Monday February 24th, 2020 – TU-Automotive is proud to announce that Ridecell has signed up as a Platinum Sponsor of TU-Automotive Detroit 2020.

Ridecell will be offering up their expertise at multiple times during the event, giving you ample opportunity to meet their representatives. 

Mobility Corporations vs. Start-Ups 

  • Who is likely to dominate the shared mobility industry in coming years? And how will the industry adapt to new pressures and necessities? 
  • As mobility start-ups begin consolidation to take on larger conglomerates, what more must they do to secure their place within the industry? 

The Software Defined Vehicle 

  • As hardware begins to enable increasingly dominant software, what more can OEM’s do to ensure technical cohesion in the vehicle?
  • How can software companies capitalize on this trend to work directly with automotive manufacturers in the future?
  • What developments to connectivity and IoT information will the software defined vehicle create?
  • How can OEMs benefit from these software innovations?
About Ridecell
About Ridecell

Headquartered in San Francisco, Ridecell is on a mission to change the way people move from point A to point B. Our white-label, multiservice platform runs new mobility offerings, such as carsharing, ridesharing, car rental, and fixed route services. An intelligent services infrastructure accelerates time to market, enabling Ridecell customers to launch new mobility services in just a few months. Founded in 2009, Ridecell has already processed 20 million rides and has a team of more than 50 professionals. The company now powers 15 customers including BMW, the UC Berkeley, UCSF, 3M, and SouthWest Transit.

Find out more about Ridecell

About TU-Automotive Detroit
About TU-Automotive Detroit

Just like an engine converts one form of energy into mechanical energy, TU-Automotive Detroit gathers the energy of the automotive tech industry to create innovation and push transformation.

TU-Automotive Detroit continues to be an annual B2B conference and exhibition that gathers the leaders in automotive technology; making it the only event you need in 2020 to Connect with the industry, Accelerate your business, Showcase your expertise, and Educate your customer.

About TU-Automotive Awards
About TU-Automotive Awards

These prestigious and anticipated awards celebrate the best talent, products and services across automotive technology the night before TU-Automotive Detroit.

Join the biggest companies for the TU-Automotive Awards party on June 2, 2020! The shortlist will be announced in March. The winners will be announced during the TU-Automotive Awards party.


Join the Ridecell team at the Engine of Automotive Technology Innovation.