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Applied Brain Research


ABR builds, and makes tools for building, intelligent real-time AI control systems, for cars, phones, drones, cameras and ioT devices. Nengo is ABR's brain building software. Nengo was used to build Spaun, the world's largest, functional brain simulation. Neuromorphic AI systems are often composed of many real-time, dynamically-integrated neural networks. Developers visually build, connect and debug their brain's networks at a high level in Nengo. Running neuromorphic AI 'brains' involves orchestrating the activity of thousands to millions of independent digital neurons. Nengo takes care of this by compiling the developer's high level brain specification into the required instructions to run the model on the desired system, whether a CPU, a GPU or one of the new neuromorphic chips being developed by ABR, Intel and others. Nengo: Build brains not just networks. Download Nengo from www.nengo.ai.

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