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Interview with Andrey Golubinskiy, CEO & Co-founder at Apostera

Shortlisted for Automotive Infotainment Product/Service of the Year. Thanks for talking to us!

Meet Andrey Golubinskiy

As CEO & Co-founder at Apostera, Andrey is  an experienced Leader with a demonstrated 12 years history in the Automotive industry: Europe, Asia, and US regions.

Mixed Reality Navigation Guidance is a solution that merges the virtual and real worlds and makes the driving experience more enjoyable, safe, and carefree. Our technology revolutionizes the concept of navigation by projecting mapping information at a virtual distance in front of the driver using AR head-up displays (AR-HUDs). Unlike widely known augmented reality products, our solution does not impose objects on the real world but instead mixes them, helping drivers enjoy the combination of physical and virtual worlds merged for a disturbance-free commute. This is a fundamental change in the way we navigate before and after. The driver is never distracted, with his or her eyes always on the road and relevant information displayed on the windshield that blends in with the real world through HUDs.

About Apostera

Apostera aims to free the driver from the struggles by transforming the windshield of a car into a mixed reality screen, where vital information is displayed for effective navigation. By sensing various elements on the road such as pedestrians, vehicles, lane boundaries, or any obstacles that come up during driving, a mixed reality navigation system assists the driver through the course of the journey. The result of this assisted navigation is remarkable, as it allows drivers to obtain a clear view of what is going on in front of them and also around the corner, which is a potential blind spot. Additionally, the company has developed Vehicle to Infrastructure and Vehicle to Vehicle SW modules integrated with the navigation system, paving the way for better interaction with the surroundings during such commutes.

Also, the company aims to improve not only the driving experience of today's vehicles and increase usage of ADAS systems by visualizing what car “sees and thinks”, but also the future ones with autonomous driving capabilities by keeping the passengers informed about the behaviour of their vehicles, thereby developing trust and increasing overall security.