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Thanks to Israel Duanis for taking the time to answers some questions. 


Co-Founder and CEO of Fleetonomy, Israel Duanis, is an autonomous vehicle veteran and data-driven technologist who utilizes his passion for innovation to lead Fleetonomy’s journey towards the autonomous revolution. By leveraging Fleetonomy’s new-mobility platforms, top tier OEM’s, car rental companies, transit agencies, and other mobility operators are already launching their mobility services in order to capture today's opportunities and prepare themselves for the future ahead.

Prior to co-founding Fleetonomy, he was the Director and Head of Threat Prevention at Check Point, a leading cybersecurity provider, where he supervised the development of the company’s security product portfolio. Prior to that, he was a researcher at Elbit Systems’ Electro-Optics division (ELOP). Israel holds an M.Sc., in System Engineering from the Technion and a B.Sc., in Physics & Mathematics from Hebrew University.

2019 was a big year for Fleetonomy. Following the unveiling of the Multi-Service Fleet Platform in February 2019, Fleetonomy’s software has led the deployment and optimization of new and existing smart mobility services owned by global top-tier automakers such as Jaguar Land Rover, Audi, Porsche and more. The company’s journey into automaker-led smart mobility services this year has been unparalleled in regards to the number of meaningful deployments as well as the close and personal processes that the company has led with its clients in creating and launching first-of-their-kind smart mobility initiatives worldwide using Fleetonomy’s technology.

Smart Mobility services launched and optimized in 2019, by leveraging Fleetonomy’s software include:

  • Havn, a New EV-fleet based Chauffeur Service in London by Jaguar Land Rover and InMotion Ventures
  • Bits,  a new premium rideshare service by Audi, in southern Germany.
  • Audi on Demand, by Audi in Germany and San Francisco.


Fleetonomy provides cloud-based, end-to-end fleet management platforms for automakers and smart mobility operators, designed to maximize fleet efficiency, reduce operational costs, and create new revenue streams based on smart mobility services.

Fleetonomy’s platform contains everything needed to operate efficient and profitable smart mobility services such as ridesharing, dynamic shuttles, car subscription, and on-demand car rental services using the same fleet of vehicles. Fleetonomy’s technology is powered by dynamic routing, task allocation, and AI-based demand prediction engines that maximize efficiency and ensure the highest vehicle utilization.

The Tel-Aviv based startup company is currently deployed globally with top tier automotive OEM’s, transit agencies, and smart mobility service providers helping them predict demand, increase fleet utilization, and create new revenue streams.

Fleetonomy’s Full Stack EV Smart Mobility Platform

In 2019, Fleetonomy unveiled the first end-to-end AI-based fleet management platform in the world that enables planning, launching, and operating multiple smart mobility services such as ridesharing, dynamic shuttles, on-demand rent, and car subscription services using a single fleet of ICE and/or electric vehicles.

According to  Nico Gropper, Audi Business Innovation GmbH, in a statement provided to TechCrunch, “services that include both electric and ICE vehicles have to deal with additional levels of complexity in order to run smoothly. Solving these complexities with the right technology partner is crucial to the operational and financial success of the entire mobility service”.

The company’s  technology ensures that smart mobility operators are putting their fleet to best use by minimizing idle time and maximizing vehicle usage. Fleetonomy’s full-stack Electric Vehicle Smart Mobility Platform includes advanced prediction engines that allow accurate real-time predictions for parameters such as the battery status of each vehicle in the fleet, charging recommendations, the time it will take for each vehicle to be delivered to end-users, matching each vehicle to customer needs, easily managing flip requests, and more, with the goal of allowing operators to constantly operate efficiently according to data-driven insights.

Whether it’s an  EV-based or mixed-fleet mobility service, Fleetonomy’s platform allows full control over every aspect of a fleet’s operational costs and helps to reduce them while constantly overseeing battery levels across the entire fleet, and helping operators making accurate choices at any given time regarding which vehicles need to be charged, when and for how long.