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Thank you to Leilei for taking the time to talk with us.


Dr.Leilei Shinohara, Co-Partner and Vice President of RoboSense, is responsible for the automotive LiDAR product line. Detailed responsibilities including:

a. Guarantee and manage the profitability of automotive product line

b. Automotive products strategic planning to drive the company towards an automotive Tier1 supplier

c. Guarantee the company’s continuous innovation & development process with appropriate product portfolio to keep the company’s leading position in the market

d. Manage of the product development from the phase of advanced research and development, platform product standardizing, to customer specific development, and facilitate the transaction from R&D towards mass production.

I am proud to work with RoboSense R&D team to develop the world’s smallest Smart LiDAR Sensor to incorporate sensor hardware, AI perception algorithms, and IC chips. In order to meet the requirement of a customer last year, we successfully reduced the MEMS LiDAR size by half, doubled the detection distance and the range accuracy, increased the frame rate by 1/3, and integrated the AI algorithm and chipset inside the LiDAR. Moreover, towards the Automotive grade sensor, our factory is certified with the IATF16949. We have also started the process towards the Automotive-SPICE Level 2 certification, and the ISO26262 product functional safety certification.

We are very proud that we have achieved our development goal and the RoboSense smart LiDAR sensor meets the automotive-grade requirement, including low cost, stability & reliability, simplified structure with small size, friendly vehicle integration, and with the AI algorithm process raw point cloud data to greatly ensure the safety of autonomous driving.


Founded in 2014, RoboSense (Suteng Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.) is the leading provider of Smart LiDAR Sensor Systems incorporating LiDAR sensors, AI algorithms and IC chipsets, that transform conventional 3D LiDAR sensors to full data analysis and comprehension systems. The company's mission is to possess outstanding hardware and artificial intelligence capabilities to provide smart solutions that enable robots (including vehicles) to have perception capability more superior to humans.

Attracted an all-star team from leading corporations and institutions around the world,there are 500+ employees in 6 global locations-Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Stuttgart, and Silicon Valley to support RoboSense's fast-growing in innovation and development. Until 2019, RoboSense owns more than 500 patents globally.

Garnered the AutoSens Awards, Audi Innovation Lab Champion and twice the CES Innovation Award, RoboSense has laid a solid foundation for market success. To date, RoboSense LiDAR systems have been widely applied to future mobility, including autonomous driving passenger cars, RoboTaxi, RoboTruck, automated logistics vehicles, autonomous buses and intelligent road by domestic and international autonomous driving technology companies, OEMs, and Tier1 suppliers.

Dr. Leilei Shinohara joined RoboSbense in January, 2019. From 2015 to 2018, he was the Technical Lead, Asia OEMs at Valeo, and was responsible for automotive LiDAR, automotive active safety products, and sensor fusion. He has managed a team in six countries, responsible for developing systems, software, hardware, mechanics, testing/validation, and functional safety for the first automotive grade LiDAR product “Scala (Valeo)”.

In 2008, Dr. Shinohara began his PhD studies at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany, and received his PhD degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 2014. During six years of Ph.D. studies, Shinohara focused on LiDAR systems and was involved in sensor projects, including optical sensor analogue and design, optical quality measurement, Doppler LiDAR, and 3D MEMS micro-mirror LiDAR for autonomous driving.