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Thanks to Yossi for taking the time to answer our questions. 


We believe that vSentry Edge AI is a very innovative product in that it enables enhanced behavioral anomaly and intrusion detection at the edge. This is a unique implementation of AI technology for both SafeRide and the automotive industry. Last year we received a very positive market response to vSentry AI, our cloud-based implementation of our AI technology. And now, with our edge implementation, we really feel like we’re taking our technology to the next level. And this has been confirmed by the high level of interest from several customers that are very excited about our vSentry Edge AI product.

From an AI-based cybersecurity perspective, vSentry Edge AI is very well aligned with the industry’s trend toward deploying new vehicle architectures with enhanced computing capabilities onboard. These new vehicle architectures are now capable of running advanced AI technology for intrusion detection onboard and in real time. This eliminates the need to upload excessive data to the backend for the AI analysis.

From a competitive standpoint, we believe that our positioning is very strong. The feedback that we’ve received from our customers is that no one else is implementing this level of intrusion detection analysis. Most of the implementations in the industry today are based on rules and simple behavioral analysis, while our technology is based on deep machine learning and advanced behavioral analysis. Not only do we analyze packets, frames, and timing behavior, but we also do deep packet analysis with AI to identify attacks on specific and individual signals within the vehicle. We feel very strongly that our technology analyzes potential intrusions much deeper than any other technology available in the market today.


Headquartered in Tel-Aviv, Israel, SafeRide is a leading provider of multi-layer cybersecurity and data analytics solutions for connected and autonomous vehicles. Utilizing recent advancements in vehicle computing capabilities and in machine learning and deep learning technology, the company develops cutting edge solutions that help car manufacturers and fleet owners improve operational efficiency, reduce warranty costs, maximize vehicle uptime, avoid financial damage, prevent reputation loss, and save lives.

At the core of SafeRide’s products is an AI engine that monitors all the internal signals on the vehicle network and establishes the normal behavior of the vehicle. After the expected behavior is established, the machine learning models accurately detect, categorize, and flag any abnormal behavior and report it in real-time. The SafeRide solution can detect unknown anomalies that could not be detected before, thereby enabling enhanced predictive maintenance, performance optimization, and zero-day intrusion detection.

Furthermore, SafeRide has built machine-learning-based data compression technology for vehicle CAN data that provides over 96% reduction in data bandwidth, which is more than 6 times better than other solutions on the market. Numerous world-class automotive companies, including the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance and other car manufacturers and automotive suppliers, have successfully evaluated SafeRide’s products. 

SafeRide’s robust product line provides secure edge to cloud vehicle health monitoring and data analytics capabilities and includes the following products:

  • vSentry™ Edge AI is an embedded and real-time vehicle health monitoring software solution. It provides valuable cybersecurity, predictive maintenance, and vehicle performance insights to automakers. vSentry Edge AI can help automakers reduce warranty claims costs, improve vehicle development costs, and detect zero-day cyberattacks.
  • vSentry™ AI is a cloud-based solution for fleet-level health monitoring. It combines vehicle level insights across the fleet to improve detection, classification, and prioritization of alerts. vSentry AI is designed to seamlessly integrate with the customer’s backend infrastructure and with Security Operations Centers (SOC) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions.
  • vSentry™ CAN Optimizer is SafeRide’s vehicle data compression solution. This solution offers efficient data delivery to the cloud and enables multiple big-data analytics applications. SafeRide’s customers are using CAN Optimizer to deliver vehicle data to the Digital Twin – a virtual cloud replica of the vehicle that facilitates remote diagnostics and performance optimization of connected fleets.
  • vSentry™ Core is a host-based cybersecurity software suite for connected electronic control units (ECU). It offers multi-layer policy-based, real-time, and zero false-positive protections for connectivity, networks, and software. This solution detects, mitigates, logs and reports security events. vSentry Core is designed for Linux-based ECUs such as Infotainment ECUs, Telematics Control Modules and Connected Gateways. This solution provides advanced protection for connected and software-heavy ECUs where the cyber threat risk is high.