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Thanks to Clare Jones for taking the time to answer our questions. 


Clare Jones is the Chief Commercial Officer of what3words; her focus is on encouraging businesses to integrate what3words and getting their consumers using it. She also works on investor relations. Prior to what3words, Clare’s background was in the development and growth of social enterprises and in impact investment. She was featured in the 2019 Forbes 30 under 30 list for technology and is involved with London companies tackling social and environmental challenges. Clare also volunteers with the Streetlink project, doing health outreach work with vulnerable women in South London.

In building what3words into their car navigation systems, Mercedes-Benz and Tata Motors have tackled an industry-wide problem: frustrating and inaccurate destination input using street addresses, particularly with voice.

Efficiencies in journey times have been tested as well. In a recent test by DPD and Mercedes-Benz Vans in Germany, a typical route of 50 deliveries using what3words showed an efficiency gain of around 15 percent. A driver using what3words via the on-board MBUX system was able to end his route more than 30 minutes before his colleague, who used a navigation system with traditional addresses.

Unlike street addresses, every what3words address is unique, and they cover everywhere in the world. what3words addresses can be used in over 40 languages, removing language barriers and enabling drivers to navigate anywhere in the world in their own language.

With what3words, Tata Motors and Mercedes-Benz are providing drivers with the simplest and most precise location input system available in the automotive industry.


Co-founded in London in 2013, what3words is an easy way to identify any precise location in the world. Every 3m square in the world has been given a unique combination of three words: a what3words address. It enables people to find, share and navigate to precise locations using three simple words. The system covers the entire world, never needs updating, and works offline. A what3words address is a human-friendly way to share very precise locations with other people, or to input them into platforms and machines such as in-car navigation systems and e-commerce checkouts. It is optimised for voice input and contains built-in error prevention to immediately identify and help to correct mistakes.

The free what3words app and the online map enable people to find, share and navigate to what3words addresses in over 40 languages to date. Millions of what3words addresses are in use around the world, with thousands of businesses using them to save money, be more efficient and provide a better customer experience. what3words is integrated into apps, platforms and websites, with just a few lines of code. Its partners include Mercedes-Benz, Triumph Motorcycles, Tata Motors, Premier Inn and The AA.

what3words provides a quick, simple and reliable way for drivers to enter precise destinations into their in-vehicle navigation systems – specific entrances and parking spots, for example, or unaddressed places such as sports fields and beaches – using just three words. It is the only addressing system designed for voice input, offering drivers a seamless voice entry experience.

what3words has been integrated into the onboard infotainment systems of Mercedes-Benz and Tata Motors as well as into the driver’s apps Ford Sync 3 and MyTriumph, meaning drivers can enter a what3words address by voice or text input, in several languages, and navigate to the precise 3m square. More automotive partners who specialise in infotainment systems, including Bosch, Cloudcar, Soundhound, Cerence and TomTom have also integrated what3words into their products.