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Key Sessions

Kelly Funkhouser

Update on Autonomous and Automated Vehicles from a Consumer’s Perspective

Consumer Reports

Oct 02
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8:00am - 9:00am 60 mins
Registration & Networking Arrival Coffee
9:00am - 9:10am 10 mins
Chair's Welcome & Opening Remarks

Don't be shy! Discover who is attending the conference and why - you never know who may have the right solution! Business cards to the ready.

9:10am - 10:10am 60 mins
Volkswagen, The Way We See Things
  • VW’s view of the auto industry
  • The advancements VW is making to change our lives
  • What is VW’s plan to rollout automated and autonomous features?
10:10am - 10:40am 30 mins
Update on Autonomous and Automated Vehicles from a Consumer’s Perspective
  • Kelly Funkhouser - Head of Connected and Automated Vehicle Technology Testing, Consumer Reports
10:40am - 11:10am 30 mins
Market Analysis: Identifying the Auto Industry’s Role in Improved Safety and Enhanced Environmental Protection
  • Defining the automotive industry’s responsibility to society
  • Identifying the areas that we can make a difference in our advancements in technology
  • How the industry can successfully supporting one another without infringing on proprietary information
  • Roger Lanctot - Associate Director, Global Automotive Practice, Strategy Analytics
11:10am - 11:30am 20 mins
Strategies for Managing All the Programs Your Vehicle Runs
  • Discover how managing multiple programs can be simplified with a few simple steps
  • How to identify critical failures when adapting software in a vehicle
  • Ways to simplify software integration for the industry
11:30am - 12:10pm 40 mins
Networking & Coffee Break
12:10pm - 12:40pm 30 mins
What’s the Big Deal About Sharing Data?
  • Strategies for protecting your data whilst sharing what you can in the big leagues.
  • How to show value as a data sharing developer
  • What things should we already be sharing?
12:40pm - 1:10pm 30 mins
How is Amazon Changing the Auto World?
  • Amazon’s view of the Auto Industry
  • How is Amazon changing buyer behavior one customer at a time
  • Where are the opportunities in IoT for the auto industry?
  • Arianne Walker - Chief Evangelist for Alexa Auto, Amazon
1:10pm - 1:50pm 40 mins
Panel Session: How will IoT in the Vehicle Change the Way We Live?
  • Are the estimates of revenue generation through IoT in the vehicle really true?
  • Identifying and revealing the areas of integration that have yet to be explored
  • With automated vehicles around the corner, where will IoT play its most important role?
  • Moderator Rick Kreifeldt - Executive Director, eSync Alliance
1:50pm - 2:40pm 50 mins
Networking Lunch
2:40pm - 3:10pm 30 mins
Intelligent Connectivity – Smart Mobility at the Heart of Smart Cities
  • Explore the future of 5G networks, connected transport and IoT
  • How is intelligent driving impacting local commerce and smart cities?
  • Where is the smart money going for the future of smart mobility?
  • Paul Asel - Managing Partner, NGP Capital
3:10pm - 3:40pm 30 mins
How Smart Cities are Changing through Ride Sharing?
  • An explanation of ride sharing and how it works today
  • Current struggles within ride sharing and how they can be overcome
  • The impacts of ride sharing on safety, environment and economies
  • Crissy Ditmore - Director of Strategy, Cubic Transportation Systems
3:40pm - 4:10pm 30 mins
The Future of Mobility is When You Want It, How You Want It
  • Revealing ITSA’s game plan on future of mobility technologies to drive a safer, greener, smarter system
  • Sharing ITSA’s experience on how to manage a major city’s mobility services and changing conditions
  • ITSA’s view on mobility on demand changing the safety, environment and economies of our society
  • Amy Ford - Director of Mobility on Demand Alliance, Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITSA)
4:10pm - 5:10pm 60 mins
Networking Break & Exhibition
5:10pm - 5:40pm 30 mins
Automated Commuter Busses are Key to Handling New Growth In Cities
  • Review the cities that are busting at the seems
  • How we thread the needle with a bus in traffic is an art
  • The fuel efficiency of a bus versus a car related to safety will be discussed

  • Suzanne Murtha - National Lead for Connected and Automated Technology, AECOM
5:40pm - 6:10pm 30 mins
Where Are Advancements in Technology Making An Impact?
  • Identifying the challenges of integration of semiconductors, LIDAR, RADAR, video and thermal
  • How to develop better integration for faster communication within the vehicle
  • How are sensors changing how we drive and what impact are they really making on accident numbers
6:10pm - 6:50pm 40 mins
Panel Session: Sensor Fusion - Where is the Industry Headed?
  • With semiconductor and sensor demand in the millions of units, where are the opportunities for production?
  • Where are we lacking in people, resources and technology?
  • How will the increase in sensors change the automotive world?
  • Moderator Lisa Rosner - Chief Marketing Officer, Otonomo
6:50pm - 7:00pm 10 mins
Closing Remarks from the Chair
7:00pm - 8:00pm 60 mins
Networking Drinks Reception