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Interview with Niels Haverkorn, General Manager - Connected Transport, Irdeto

Cybersecurity has become of paramount importance within the connected car ecosystem, what are the threats to automakers?

The simple fact is that there are always vulnerabilities present in connected systems and connected and autonomous vehicles are no different. Hackers continuously evolve their attack strategies and have exploited vulnerabilities to access vehicle electronic control units (ECUs), controller area network (CAN) bus systems, intelligent transportation systems (ITS). In addition to concerns about the security of the vehicles themselves, as the number of connected and autonomous vehicles on the road grows across the globe, the ways vehicles communicate with surroundings and other connected devices also increases. This means that protection of only the vehicle itself is not enough. OEMs must also consider the entire connected vehicle ecosystem, including securing V2X (Vehicle to Everything) communications so that data transferred between the vehicle and devices is secure.

What steps and solutions are available to prevent and minimize cyber threats?

The whole industry is realizing the importance of a robust security strategy and adopting a defense in-depth approach to cybersecurity.

This approach involves many layers of security being implemented throughout the network, rather than simply protecting systems from the outside-in (perimeter security). The knowledge of security in the connected transport industry is continuously improving and rapid progress is being made to do what is necessary to stay ahead of cybersecurity threats.

Can you explain the difference in Irdeto’s approach to cybersecurity?

When it comes to connected and autonomous vehicles, the underlying understanding for all must be that the technology cannot be implemented safely without robust security in place. Irdeto provides multilayer security which safeguards critical files and app data and prevents hackers from adding malicious code, modifying executables and scripts, and reverse engineering. This allows transport and automotive organizations to construct a foundation that not only realizes the benefits of fully connected and autonomous vehicles, but also enables profitable new business models. This focus on enabling new business models is what truly differentiates Irdeto. For example, Irdeto’s Keystone is a secure system that integrates directly with the vehicle’s settings. This allows vehicle owners to create and control policies around multi-user vehicle access, settings and usage, which enables new business models.

What unique opportunities does this offer OEMs and suppliers?

Connected and autonomous vehicles as digital assets are creating more opportunities for OEMs and tier one suppliers, from new business models to improved safety. Future business models have the potential to shift as vehicles become increasingly autonomous at different levels and implementing secure mobility-as-a-service and transportation-as-a-service business models will not be a nice to have, it will become essential to maintain a competitive edge. Therefore, protecting business data and securely enforcing policies assigned to the vehicle is crucial to allow business owners to deliver customizable experiences to their customers. In addition, OEMs must have the ability to securely manage and control services offered in the vehicle. Through this approach, they will be able to balance safety, convenience and customization throughout their business and products and enable new business models and revenue streams.

Meet Niels at TU Automotive West Coast 2019

Contact details to set up meetings:
Contact details to set up meetings:

Name: Niels Haverkorn, General Manager - Connected Transport, Irdeto

Email: niels.haverkorn@irdeto.com